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College of Arts and Sciences

Department of History

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The study of History teaches valuable job skills and prepares graduates for careers in a variety of professions. Students who major and minor in History learn not only about major historical developments, but also how to think critically, evaluate evidence, and write effectively.

Mission Statement

The Department of History is dedicated to teaching, research, and the intellectual development of students, the university, and the community. We are committed to recruit and support a diverse community of students, faculty, and staff; to provide educational opportunities and professional service that benefit the university and the wider community; to nurture research as an essential component of our teaching mission; and to engage in self-reflection to assure that we carry out our responsibilities in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Informed by those commitments, the mission of the Department of History is to graduate liberally educated individuals who can think critically, view the world with historical perspective, appreciate the traditions of many cultures, understand the role of change and continuity, and recognize that education is a never-ending process.

Careers for History Majors

Graduates from our program get good jobs. The most recent published report on job placement by the Florida Department of Education showed that BA graduates from UNF's History program had the highest rate of job placement among public universities in the State of Florida.

Our program prepares students for more advanced study at the MA level, in History, Art History, Museum Studies, Law, and other fields.

For more information on careers for history majors and minors, please contact Dr. David Sheffler, Chair of the Department of History. Dr. Sheffler can be reached at 904-620-1856 and/or at