History Matters

Dr. Daniel Watkins has started a history podcast series entitled “History Matters”. The History Matters podcast focuses on bringing the work of professional historians to a public audience. In each episode, we feature interviews with faculty, graduate students, and alumni of the University of North Florida History Department as well as historians elsewhere. We discuss the work that historians are doing and ask the broader question about why their work matters today.


We will touch on historical topics from a wide chronological and geographical range — everything from diplomacy in the Ottoman Empire to urban development in modern Africa. If you’re interested in hearing us discuss a certain topic or have a conversation with a certain historian, let us know. We welcome feedback and suggestions.


You can subscribe by going to this website: https://historymatters.cirtunf.org/ and following the subscription links.


Department of History: Our Mission

Our mission is to graduate a liberally educated person who can view the world with a historical perspective, appreciate the traditions of various cultures, understand the role of change and continuity, and have interests encompassing humanities, social sciences, fine arts, and natural sciences. The history graduate should leave UNF with the ability to evaluate the world critically and with an understanding that education is a never-ending process.  

Studying history also helps students learn to:


• Organize and interpret historical evidence
• Work with archives 
• Write effectively
• Communicate verbally
• Present historical events for the public




 History Honor Society of Phi Alpha Theta  

 Phi Alpha Theta banner


Phi Alpha Theta is a History Honors Society enabling students to gain professional recognition, network with students and faculty, present their research,and learn about  careers. We also  hold semi-annual social events for members and prospective members. For more information on UNF's chapter of Phi Alpha Theta (Psi Eta) and how to join, please contact faculty sponsor Dr. David Sheffler. You can also visit us on Facebook.