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Internships for History Students

Why You Should Consider an Internship

Internships are an excellent way to develop professional skills and learn about what many historians actually do in a professional setting. Internships also provide experience you can put on your resume. Finally, internships can be a “foot in the door” at local museums, historical associations, and parks. Some of our interns have found permanent jobs with the agencies that sponsored their internship. The History Department offers internship experiences at local and/or regional agencies. These are supervised work experiences in which students develop out-of-the-classroom experiences in fields related to history, such as historic preservation, museum collections management, exhibit design, oral history, and cultural resources interpretation

How to Arrange an Internship

Locate an internship which interests you, either by consulting the department chair or opportunities advertised by the department or sponsoring organizations. If you found the internship on your own rather than through department listings, get materials about the project and email Dr. David Sheffler at (or call at 904-620-1856). In any event, you will need to make an appointment with Dr. Sheffler about your prospective internship. Once the project has department approval, you may proceed to contact the sponsoring organization and apply for the position. If you are offered the position, call the department chair and obtain formal permission to register for the Internship course. If the sponsoring institution requires a formal letter from the department approving you for the position, this is usually the point at which the letter is produced.

Once you have permission, you will register for HIS 4940 if you are an undergraduate student and HIS 6946, if you are a graduate student. Undergraduate students must log at least 160 hours of work over the semester or during the summer. Graduate students must log at least 200 hours. Internships are worth three hours of elective credit. Students may sign up for these courses no more than two times, for a maximum of six credits. Note that the internship does not substitute for one of the required 4000 or 6000 level seminars.

Recent Internships

In the last three years, history students have enrolled in internships at:

Durkeeville Historical Society

The Durkeeville Historical Society serves a historically and culturally significant African American community in Jacksonville.  Recent interns have included Anthony Harper and Bryan Higham.


Museum of Science and History

The Museum of Science and History (MOSH) is a premier museum in the region. MOSH features programs for visitors of all ages, and focuses on the cultural and natural history of this region, in addition to exhibits on topics of broader interest (like Dinosaurs, Climate, Rivers, and other topics). Recent interns have included Alec Warren and Ariel Lague.


The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens

The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens is a major art museum in the Riverside area. Recent interns have included Allison Mason and Stephanie Haines.


Jacksonville Historical Society

The Jacksonville Historical Society preserves and exhibits a wide range of topics on the history of this region. The Society also sponsors a monthly lecture series in addition to occasional receptions and exhibits.


Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve/Fort Caroline National Memorial (includes the Kingsley Plantation)

A part of the National Park Service, the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve features the cultural and natural resources of a large historically important landscape in Jacksonville. Recent interns have included Kaelyn Garard and Shannon Campbell. 


The UNF History Department also sponsors internships at various other agencies in the region.

To Find Out More, Please Contact: Dr. David Sheffler, Department Chair Telephone: 904-620-1856 Email: