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College of Arts and Sciences
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Department of Physics

The Department of Physics offers students several course paths to succeed in the field as well as opportunities for research.


The department faculty is committed to excellence in undergraduate instruction and research and has the two-fold objective of teaching physics, astronomy, and earth science to students from all programs of the university while also graduating competent baccalaureate physicists who engage in active and productive funded research on topics of current interest to society at large.

Students in the physics program often participate in the research of our faculty. Currently, physics students can participate in research in experimental, theoretical, and computational physics, including: 

  • Superconducting nanoelectronics
  • Magnetic and semiconducting materials 
  • Graphene and other 2D materials
  • Optical studies of correlated electron systems
  • Non-linear optical and electrical transport properties of metallic and semiconducting nanocrystals
  • Theoretical and observational astrophysics (gamma ray detection, black holes, and dark matter)
  • Plasmonics and nano-optics
  • Experimental membrane, interface, and sensor physics

Students are encouraged to discuss their research interests with the faculty.

The mission of the Department of Physics is to serve the people of the State of Florida and beyond by providing excellent educational experiences in physics and related physical sciences, advancing knowledge in physics through research, and service to the public and our profession. As a primary constituent of a liberal arts education, we seek to foster an appreciation of the physical world and an understanding of the scientific method of inquiry. We aspire to install in our students the principles, motivations, comprehension, and vision to prepare them for careers in physics and related fields, for physics teaching careers, and for intellectual growth throughout their lives.