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Interdisciplinary Studies

With an Interdisciplinary Studies Major or Minor at UNF, your degree is unique, just like you. You choose from a set of faculty-curated themes or design a program of study around your theme, aimed to help you get the most out of your education. You identify the skills, knowledge, and expertise that are important for your future, and together with UNF's internationally recognized faculty you build a foundation for life-long success.

Interdisciplinary Studies is great for students who:
  • see the need in the current world for connections between different fields of study;
  • recognize that being well prepared for the changing job market means having diverse skills;
  • have interests and passions in multiple different areas;
  • want a major or minor they can design and personalize according to their career path;
  • are considering a double major;
  • have ever thought about double or triple minoring; or
  • love learning and are always looking for new courses to stretch their wings!
Admission to the program is selective and requires prospective students to go through a proposal submission process in which they must outline in detail the purpose, scope, and theme of the major or minor they wish to construct. Proposal acceptance is contingent upon formal review and approval by the Program Director and/or additional faculty members and administrators as needed.