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Welcome to Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of North Florida

B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies

Program Director: Dr. Sarah Mattice, Associate Professor of Philosophy, 904-620-1330

COAS Advisor: Mr. Keith Martin, Associate Director, College of Arts and Sciences Advising, 904-620-2797


The Interdisciplinary Studies major and minor enable students to reflect critically on how their educational efforts in the present will enable them to engage in a process of life-long learning in relation to a future that might be unimaginably different from the present. Students are encouraged to develop a program of study that will advance current and future academic and career goals as they pursue topics and questions beyond those addressed by UNF’s other majors.

Interdisciplinary Studies provides students with the opportunity to design an individualized program of study that involves an intentional selection of coursework in more than one discipline. The central purpose of the Interdisciplinary Studies major and minor is for students to investigate a focused set of cross-disciplinary issues, problems, challenges, and methodologies and to develop expertise in key intellectual competencies, including but not limited to advanced writing and critical thinking skills. 

How to Apply: Acceptance into the Interdisciplinary Studies major and the Interdisciplinary Studies minor requires that students first meet with the Program Advisor, Mr. Keith Martin, 904-620-2797.


Interdisciplinary Studies Major (36 Hours)

Students wishing to complete a major in Interdisciplinary Studies will select from one of the two available tracks:  

Click on the links below to obtain more information on the requirements for each track.

Track 1 - Major Requirements for Theme-Based Interdisciplinary Study (36 credits)

Track 2 - Major Requirements for Competency-Based Interdisciplinary Study (36 credits)