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College of Arts and Sciences
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Student Experience

Students will find that the Art, Art History, and Design Department is focused on building up and supporting the full student experience. All of the faculty ensure that there is investigation and discovery which is suited to each discipline. Art History faculty challenge students with comprehensive research projects which are tailored to the individual’s areas of interests. Fine art faculty lead by example, typically working alongside students in the labs. Students are challenged to increasingly more ambitious projects as they move through the program. Graphic Design and Digital Media faculty introduce realistic industry-based projects to students in all levels of coursework. Collectively, each area develops a working relationship with the cohort as they gain historical, conceptual and practical knowledge. Due to the small class sizes, students work closely with faculty and share access to department guests, specialized equipment and other resources which make students thrive and flourish in their discipline. Outward facing practice such as gallery shows, internships, lectures and study abroad are all part of the total student experience.

Student Clubs

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Graphic Design and Digital Media




Outstanding Graduates

The Art, Art History, and Design Department has a tradition of honoring graduates each Fall and Spring with our Outstanding Graduate Awards. The nominations come from faculty in the discipline and honor students who excel in each area. Beyond excellence in academic and creative work these students are often selected for a wide range of intangible aspects. Characteristics related to empathy, determination, focus, and humility, are the reasons these students are truly outstanding.

Spring 2023 Outstanding Graduates

  1. Haley Blair, Ceramics
  2. Lanie Riedeburg & McKenna Martin, Graphic Design and Digital Media
  3. Sun Aggarwal & Stephanie Hall, Painting/Drawing
  4. Autumn Weaver, Photography
  5. Noah Constantino, Printmaking
  6. Hanna Hadzic, Sculpture

Fall 2022 Outstanding Graduates

  1. Kodie Mahone, Art History
  2. Virginia Murray, Ceramics
  3. Tyler Burt, Graphic Design and Digital Media
  4. Madeline Catton, Painting/Drawing
  5. Kayla Smith & Jordy Bowen, Printmaking