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College of Arts and Sciences

Help Students in Trouble

No one should have to struggle alone.

Supporting Our Students (SOS) should be your first point of contact when a student is having trouble or a student's behavior becomes problematic. Please use the "Submit a Student Referral" form on the SOS web page.

In addition, there is a wealth of other UNF resources for students to find the help and solace they need.

Other Resources
Resource Name Location Contact
Counseling Center Building 2 / Room 2300 (904) 620-2602 *After hours Support available!
Dean of Students Tom & Betty Petway Hall, Bldg. 57 Suite 2700 (904) 620-1491
LGBTQ Center John A. Delaney Student Union
Building 58 East, Room 1111
(904) 620-4720
Lend a Wing Pantry Building 58 East, Suite 3300 904.620.2750
Women's Center Bldg. 2, Suite 2100 Women's Center Phone:
(904) 620-2528
ICP Phone:
(904) 620-2475
Victim Advocacy Building 2, Suite 2100 Victim Advocacy
24-hour Crisis Helpline:
(904) 620-1010