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Academic and Student Affairs

Bette Soldwedel Research Initiative

The Bette Soldwedel Research Initiative offers stipends of $500 (pre-tax) to UNF students who are engaged in research projects that focus on matters of gender, and to women who are engaged in any kind of academic research. Upon completion of the project, recipients must provide a copy of the research and hold a presentation at a program sponsored by the Soldwedel Initiative. 


The following documentation is required for stipend applications:

  • Application form
  • Statement of purpose (describing the project and the significance or relevance of the research)
  • Curriculum vitae or resume   
  • One letter of support

About Dr. Bette Soldwedel

Dr. Bette Soldwedel (1929 - 1997) is the Founding Mother of the UNF Women's Center. Dr. Soldwedel joined UNF in 1973 as a professor in the college of education. Over the course of her career, Dr. Soldwedel published and edited dozens of works on gender equity in all aspects of life, from the workplace to education to counseling. Among her many accomplishments was helping to design and implement the Job Corps program under President Lyndon Johnson. She served as a board member of the National Association of Women in Education, which recognizes and supports the contributions of women in education. She was selected as UNF's first Distinguished Professor in 1979 and received the Susan B. Anthony Award in 1996. The Bette Soldwedel Research Initiative was established in her honor to promote gender equity research from UNF students.