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Academic and Student Affairs

Academic Chair Calendar

Month  CBA Topic CBA Article Deadline Date
March Deadline for faculty textbook adoptions for summer terms
Submission for Core GE syllabus for Summer A and C
Course Schedule due for Fall
  March 15
March 15
Mid March
April      Distribute to Faculty Form/Format for Annual Evaluation  (include any returning visitors)
Distribute to Library Faculty instructions for submission of Annual Report   
April 1
April 1
  Deadline for faculty textbook adoptions for fall term
Submission for Core GE syllabus for Summer B
Candidates notify chair no later than 4/15 of intention to go up for tenure or promotion

April 15
April 15
April 15

       Distribute Tentative Teaching Assignment for Next Academic Year (see examples under Quick Links-Resources) 14.4(b) April 1
Early Winter
Colleague Tenure Appraisal (also known as mid-tenure review)
  • Deadline for Faculty to Submit Mid-Tenure Case in Interfolio
  • Deadline for Dept Committee to Review Candidate's Case


Early February
February/March of Candidate's Third Year
Late April      Chairs complete faculty FARS "other actions"
Registration begins for Summer and Fall
First/Second week of April
May Communicate Change in Summer Teaching Assignment  14.5(b)      No Later than 4 Weeks before start date     
  ISQ Results Available 18.5(a) By May 15 (to be incorporated into annual evaluations)
June Faculty to submit Annual Performance Self-Evaluation
Library Faculty to submit Annual Report of Activities
FARS system opens
June 1
June 1
  Check in with Tenure and Promotion candidates regarding list of external reviewers
to do over the summer
  Late June
July Provide library faculty with Annual Performance Evaluation
FARS system closes
Submission for Core GE syllabus for fall
Course Schedule opens for Spring
19.5(e) July 1

July 1
Early July
  Provide faculty with Annual Performance Evaluation
Provide pre-tenure faculty with Tenure Appraisals (Chair's Appraisal) separate from Evaluation - 
Progress Toward Tenure (see example on tenure appraisal) 
Prepare staff evaluations
July 15
July 15
  Final Assignment Letter for fall to be communicated in writing     
Communicate any change in teaching assignment for fall to faculty member
No later than 6 weeks before start of fall term
No later than 4 weeks before start of fall term
August Notify third-year faculty and department faculty of upcoming Colleagues' Appraisal (mid-tenure review)
Complete entry of Faculty Ratings into Faculty Ratings system in MyWings
20.7(b)(2) Beginning of fall term (Mid-August)
End of August
  Deadline for Library faculty and supervisor to sign Assigned Activities Form 19.2(b)(4) August 15
September Deadline for faculty to complete "Acknowledgement of Receipt of Evaluative Materials" and return to Chair
Professional Development Funding distributed to academic departments
Course Schedule due for Spring
Late Add deadline (to late add a course) Fall
18.5(f) September 1

Last week of Sept or 1st week of Oct
End of 3rd week of term/part of term
  Deadline for chair to distribute Travel Expense Reimbursement Report to faculty  16.1(d) September 30
October Deadline for finalized copy of evaluation 18.5(h) October 1
  Deadline for Faculty textbook adoptions for spring term   October 15
November If possible, the final assignment for spring shall be communicated 
Submission of Core GE syllabus for spring
Registration begins for Spring
14.4(b) No later than 6 weeks prior to start of spring
November 1
2nd or 3rd week of November
December Communicate to faculty any change to spring assignment 
Course Schedule opens for Summer 
14.5(b) No later than 4 weeks prior to start of spring
Early December
January Budget Cycle begins
Course Schedule opens for Fall
Late Add deadline Spring
  No deadline - process over months
Late January
4 weeks after pre-cert opens (usually week 12 in spring)
February Course Schedule Due for Summer   Early February