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Student Government
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I start a club?
    We have a Registration Checklist that outlines this information.
    You can find it under the "Start a Club or Re-register" tab.
  • Who should be an Advisor? How do I find an Advisor?

    An advisor must be a full-time faculty or staff member. No exceptions.

    We recommend finding an advisor that can be active and involved with your club. After all, their role is to advise.

    • Sports and Recreation: Try asking around the Wellness Complex
    • Academics: Try the office of the respective department.
    • Non-Academic: Try some of the non-academic departments (ex:LGBTQ Resource Center). 

    We have a list of possible Advisors on our Canvas page.

  • Can my club charge dues?

    Yes, dues are acceptable but this will make your RSO closed - closed RSOs cannot receive funding for operational expense ( things that only the club will use). 


    Student Government Funding comes from the A&S Fee, which is paid by students. Because of that, the thing that will be funded must be accessible to students in general (Especially students that cannot afford to pay dues).

  • My club's leadership has changed. Is there anything I need to do?

    Yes, anytime that your leadership changes, you must:

    1. Update this info on the RSO's Perch Portal roster. 
    2. Inform the Osprey Involvement Center Staff of updated changes by emailing

    Be sure that the past leadership has trained the new leadership and given all necessary information for them to succeed. 

  • What happened to Club Alliance?
    Club Alliance is now Osprey Involvement Center, which is geared to be a more productive and efficient space for both the hub of clubs and student involvement.  OIC will provide a more personal and hands on experience that will help aid in involvement coaching, club workshops, leadership development, and other services that are all aimed at building a stronger community at UNF.
  • Am I able to request SG funding?

    You can access funding as soon as your club’s president and treasurer take the necessary quizzes on Canvas (scoring a 100%). Title IX Quiz: Must be taken by President and Treasurer and passed with a 100%. 

    Keep in mind that your club has to be in active standing first – meaning that you must have registered with a good constitution and roster, and advisor, president, and treasurer listed in Perch Portal.

  • I'd like to buy shirts for my club. How do I go about it?
    1. First, get an official quote from the company that will be making the shirts.
      1. Shirts cannot cost more than $10.00 per t-shirt or more than $18.00 per polo shirt for Student Government to purchase them.
      2. If they are more than $10.00 and $158.00 respectively, the club will have to fund the difference. 
    2. Request a Grant to be heard for Club Funding Board. This can be done via a Budget Request on Perch Portal
      1. This will "reserve" the money for your club.                  
    3. Once the Grant is approved, fill out a Purchase Request through Perch Portal. 
      1. This tells Student Government to pay the vendor 
      2. Attach the artwork proof from the company.

    Any printed items purchased using Student Government funding must state, "Funded by UNF Student Government". Only the Club Accounting Associate may initiate printed material orders when using SG funding.

  • What is the timeline for ordering goods?
    Depending on the type and/or bulk of the order, the purchasing process takes anywhere from three to six business weeks after the grant request has been approved.
  • Which meetings are mandatory?
    The General Body Meetings and Leadership Workshop are the only events held by the Osprey Involvement Center that every RSO is required to attend. 
  • What if I miss a meeting?
    If you miss a mandatory meeting, please email the OIC Director for the next steps.
  • I missed a meeting because I was in class. What can I do?

    You can have the absence excused, as long as appropriate and documented reasoning is presented to the OIC Director, Assistant Director, or OIC Advisor before, or within five days of the missed meeting.

    Appropriate reasoning means that all possible RSO representatives were ill, on travel associated with the organization, engaged in compensated work/internships, or had a class conflict.

    Submit the Suspension Appeals Form to the Osprey Involvement Center to get started.

  • Who can attend the committee meetings?
    It is recommended that the club President, Treasurer, and Advisor attend these meetings, but only one representative from an RSO need to be present. 
  • How many clubs can I represent at meetings?
    You can represent all clubs you are involved in. Just be sure to sign each club in. 
  • What would cause my club to be frozen?

    If your club is frozen that means you: 

    • Are missing/need to update necessary information
    • Missed required meetings held by OIC 
    • Your RSO has the same purpose of another RSO
  • My club is Frozen. What does that mean?
    When a club is frozen they cannot access funding, reserve space in the Student Union or anywhere on campus until the club is back in good standing. Depending on the reason your club was frozen, there may be other implications specific to your club. Talk to the Osprey Involvement Center Director if this applies to your club.