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The CCI office is located in Building 1 / Suite 1901 on UNF's campus. Building 1 is officially known as J.J. Daniel Hall.

If CCI is arranging for you to park on campus, you can use the green lined visitor spots in Lot 7.

To view a map of the UNF campus, please visit the UNF map.

Mailing Address: 

The Northeast Florida Center for Community Initiatives

1 UNF Drive

Building 1/1901

Jacksonville, FL 32224

Phone: (904) 620-2463

Fax: (904) 620-4415

Faculty Fellows

David Jaffee headshot

David Jaffee

Professor of Sociology

Robert Thunen headshot

Robert Thunen

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Research Team

Jeffry Will headshot

Jeffry Will

(904) 620-4408

Tim Cheney headshot

Tim Cheney

Associate Director
(904) 620-4416

Irma Hall headshot

Irma Hall

Assistant Director
(904) 620-4425

Tracy Milligan headshot

Tracy Milligan

Assistant Director
(904) 620-4421

nicole murad headshot

Nicole Murad

Research Assistant
(904) 620-2463