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Coastal and Marine Biology Faculty Research

Our lives revolve around water. It makes up 71% of the Earth’s surface and up to 78% of the human body. It is required for life and provides us with food, jobs, medicine, innovation, and enjoyment.

However, Earth’s water resources are at growing risk from a variety of stressors such as coastal development, climate change, pollution, overfishing, invasive species, and much, much more.

Faculty members in UNF’s Coastal and Marine Biology Flagship Program conduct research on a diverse array of marine organisms and a broad range of issues critical to our understanding of the Ocean. Our work is important because it helps us maximize human benefits from the Ocean while still conserving Earth’s water resources in a responsible manner.

Coastal and Marine Biology faculty regularly collaborate with nationally- and internationally-known researchers at a number of other well-respected institutions involved in coastal and marine research.


Coastal and Marine Biology research at UNF is strengthened by the University’s close proximity to the riverine, estuarine, and marine habitats of the St. Johns River, Intracoastal Waterway, and Atlantic Ocean and our modern and well-equipped research facilities. Our recently constructed, $40.5M four-story, 116,500-ft2 Biological Sciences Building includes faculty research laboratories designed for research on coastal and marine ecology, behavior, physiology, toxicology, genetics, and developmental biology along with a seawater supply system, a large-animal necropsy facility, and a variety of advanced instrumentation. The Department also maintains a fleet of small to mid-sized research vessels ranging from 17’ to 32’ in length along with a range of vehicles used for trailering boats or transporting field crews to study locations.


Microbe Research Coral research Dolphin research Starfish research Restoration research Mussel research Fisheries research Lobster research Shark Research Turtle Research

Algal Diversity and Ecology

Coral and Seagrass Stress and Health

Dolphin Behavior and Ecology

Echinoderm Development and Regeneration

Estuarine Ecology and Restoration

Evolutionary Genetics and Speciation in Coastal and Marine Organisms

Fishery Science and Invasive Species biology

Shark and Ray Biology

Turtle Biology