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Many public and private sector careers are available to graduates with interdisciplinary liberal arts degrees like Africana Studies. Employers in a range of fields often prefer the broad, interdisciplinary background provided by such majors. The majority of law, medical, and graduate schools do not restrict prospective students to a particular undergraduate degree. Many of today's medical school students were non‐science majors in college US News, and law schools rarely require any specific undergraduate courses LSAC. Degrees such as Africana Studies strongly develop skills in critical thinking, which is consistently rated the primary competency employers desire in college graduates.

Additionally, an Africana Studies degree can also help prepare students for community and social service occupations, among others. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, Florida is among the top five states to employ the highest number of people in these fields. Also according to the BLS, Florida is among the top five states to employ middle and secondary‐school teachers, occupations also available to those with Africana Studies degrees (BLS).

In business, companies find competitive advantage in diversity, which drives innovation and growth. Embracing diversity is a way of thinking is the most effective response for business leaders and an important driver of an organization's innovative engine. When an authentic, inclusive culture is at work, a diverse workforce is capable of producing a range of original and engaging ideas that is simply not possible among homogenous employee populations."- Deloitte. Currently, only 21% of employers feel college grads are well prepared in awareness of diverse cultures in the US, and only 18% of employers feel college grads are well prepared in working with people from different backgrounds - Hart. Global/multicultural fluency is regularly listed in NACE's top eight competencies employers desire in college grads. Africana Studies will increase students' awareness of and skills in working with diverse colleagues.

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