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 Dean Dan Moon Head Shot

Dr. Dan Moon, Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Associate Vice President

Welcome to Undergraduate Studies at the University of North Florida. Our office partners with academic programs across the campus to make your educational experience rewarding and transformational. Our team works with faculty and staff to develop and improve policies and procedures, supports the development of new academic programs and the review of existing programs, collaborates with the university advising community to offer academic advising and mentoring of the highest quality, and partners with the Division of Student Affairs to develop a positive, supportive, and dynamic campus experience. You will find on this page links to a wide range of campus partners who are all aligned to ensure your success at the university. If we can be of help to you as you proceed on your educational journey, please contact us at any time. 




UNF Celebrates 10 Years of the Transformational Learning Opportunities Program with Dinner and Impact Awards Ceremony

Faculty, staff, alumni and students were invited to join the Office of Undergraduate Studies as it celebrated 10 years of the Transformational Learning Opportunities Program with a formal dinner and Impact Awards Ceremony. The TLO program has enjoyed 10 years of facilitating student learning through unique faculty-led programs within the U.S. and Abroad. Five Impact awards were given to representatives of the 5 colleges active during the past 10 years of TLOs. Among those honored were Dr. Debra Murphy, from the College of Arts and Sciences for her project: Italy: Art, History and Culture; Dr. Juan Aceros of the College of Computing, Engineering and Construction for his project: Pediatric Adaptive Toy Project; Dr. John Kemppainen from the College of Education and Human Services for his project: Student Internships in Belize; Dr. Chris Johnson from the Coggin College of Business for his project: Organic Gardening in Economically Challenged Communities; and Dr. Catherine Christie from the Brooks College of Health for her study abroad nutrition initiatives in Belize and Italy. 

To learn more about the program visit the TLO website.


UNF 3rd Annual Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Symposium

SOTL 2016

The Office of Faculty Enhancement hosted it's 3rd Annual Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Symposium on Monday April 11, 2016 in the Student Union; held in conjunction with the 2016 Research Week (April 11-15) highlighting faculty and student research and scholarship at UNF. For more information on the event, learn more here

UNF Faculty and Staff make House Calls

Dan Moon (left) greets students during the House Calls event

On an ordinary Wednesday evening in the middle of October, having freshly baked cookies delivered to their door was a welcome treat for freshman Leah Brown and her roommate. The fact that they were hand delivered by the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Undergraduate Studies Daniel C. Moon, and the Director of Admissions Karen Lucas was pretty cool, too.

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October issue of UNF Inside features Kentucky sculpture TLO

 Kentucky Sculpture

This was serious, strenuous work. During sometimes 12-hour-long work sessions, UNF sculpture students hefted power tools and wrestled with solid slabs of metal as they prepared for a sculpture showing unlike anything they’d encountered.


Guided by Jenny Hager-Vickery, an associate professor of sculpture, the TLO took place during the six-week Summer B semester in July. Two of those weeks were spent in Frankfort, Ky. creating original works of art on site at the Josephine Sculpture Park. A group of nine students crafted eight semi-permanent works that were exhibited alongside professional artists. Hager said their work gave them insight into the complexities of planning and executing large-scale works of art on a strict timeline


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September issue of UNF Inside features France TLO

Schwam-Baird TLO

 "There’s no substitute for immersion. That’s a core belief of UNF French professor Shira Schwam-Baird. Since 1999, she has taken nearly 140 UNF students to Strasbourg, France for four-to-five weeks of intensive language and culture study. Students learn French at the Strasbourg CIEL language school, where native speakers teach the class entirely in French. They also live with French families so their immersion experience continues outside the classroom. Their experience is rounded out with tours into the French countryside and a weekend in Paris — experiences that comprise a culturally diverse glimpse into French society" 

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UNF Celebrates 10 Years of the Transformational Learning Opportunities Program 

TLO Fall 2015 Shuttle Ad Poster(1)In 2005, President Delaney launched an initiative to provide UNF students with what are referred to across the university as “transformational learning opportunities."Such transformational experiences are an integral component of UNF’s strategic plan and institutional mission. These unique and engaging educational opportunities broaden and deepen students’ intellectual and world views. These opportunities may occur within a course, extend beyond the framework of a specific course, or be co-curricular in nature The common denominator among “TLOs,” whether they occur inside or outside the classroom, is the potential for significantly impacting the student’s professional and personal development.

Transformational learning opportunities may take a myriad of forms: study abroad experiences; service learning experiences; research experiences with a faculty member; internships, practicum, field and co-op experiences; directed independent studies with a faculty member; learning communities; and leadership experiences. Because this list of categories does not exhaust the full range of potentially transformative and enriching student learning opportunities, proposals are not limited to these categories. Watch as we celebrate TLOs in a variety of ways throughout the 2015-2016 school year!