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Undergraduate Studies

The First Year Experience


At the University of North Florida, we know that the first year is important in laying the right foundation for your success throughout your college career. The First-Year Experience (FYE) is a student-centered initiative designed to assist first-year students in making a successful transition to college and to prepare you to make the most of your college experience. Below are your "ospreytunities" to get involved with FYE!

Interested in taking courses together that ask a BIG question? Consider our Osprey Connections Experience available this fall.

  • Racism Uncovered
    How can we better understand the complexities of racism and how it intersects with other forms of oppression based on gender, sexuality, and other categories of differences? While each course within this linked series will contribute to this perspective, the exact emphasis on biography, history, and social structure will vary. In addition, each course will take an intersectional analysis. In other words, race will not be looked at as a monolith; instead, we will explore how race interacts with other axes of difference, namely social class, gender, and sexuality. By enrolling in this set of courses, students will emerge with knowledge and skills that can empower them to have difficult conversations with the people in their lives and participate in civil society.

    Courses within this grouping:
    IDS 1932 - G(W) Difficult Conversations
    SYG 2013 - Sex, Race & Class
    AMH 2020 - U.S. History Since 1877
  • Health and Illness
    What is health? What is illness? This first-year experience will foster a synthesized scientific and humanistic approach to medicine that will serve all students - aspiring medical professionals, patients, and the community at large. The types of activities and questions we engage in within all three courses will impact the way students think about science, expertise, and even their own bodies.

    Courses within this grouping:
    IDS 1932 - G(W) What is health? What is illness?
    HUM 2020 - Intro to Humanities
    PHI 2100 - G(W) The Art of Reasoning
  • Computational Thinking
    How does computational thinking prepare you to live and work in the 21st century? Co-curricular activities will center around integrating computational thinking into existing disciplines throughout K-12 education. Students will use to build their coding experience and work with elementary students on a project, discuss issues of computing in society, contribute to open source software and participate in undergraduate research.

    Courses within this grouping:
    IDS 1932 - G(W) Computational Thinking through Creative Writing
    MGF 1113 - Math for Teachers
    IDC 2000 - The Beauty & Joy of Computing
  • Knowledge and Power
    How does knowledge shape what we know? Through these courses and related co-curricular activities, students will practice describing and analyzing the relationship between power and knowledge. Furthermore, the disciplinary perspectives of philosophy, religious studies, and anthropology will give students a chance to see how different disciplines approach the same question.

    Courses within this grouping:
    IDS 1932 - G(W) Knowledge, Power, and Perspective
    ANT 2000 - Intro to Anthropology
    REL 2300 - Comparative Religion
  • Race and Culture

    How do we increase racial and cultural awareness? Co-curricular activities will include joining an event from a different cultural group, interviewing an immigrant or refugee about their experiences in the U.S., volunteering for a non-profit organization that works with people from other backgrounds, and a guided bike tour through a local historically black neighborhood.

    Courses within this grouping:
    IDS 1932 - G(W) Mindful Teaching and Learning
    PSY 2012 - Intro to Psychology
    EDF 2085 - Intro to Diversity for Educators 

Consider a Living-Learning Community

Living-Learning Communities allow students with similar interests to connect academics with residential life by taking classes together, living on the same floor in the residence hall, participating in out-of-class activities that enhance what they are learning in class, and creating meaningful relationships with faculty, staff and other LLC students. Listed below are some of the Living-Learning Communities available to you. Some of the LLCs have a required course that you take together and some do not.

  • ASL Zone
    This community is for any first-year student who has experience with ASL, is a heritage ASL user, wants to learn more about ASL, or is interested in ASL, Deaf Education, and Interpreting majors or minors. LLC participants will build connections with fellow students, faculty, and staff, and will create bonds within the Jacksonville community. No required courses are taken together, but you should enroll in an ASL course at your appropriate level.
  • Business
    This community assists you in becoming a competitive candidate for a career in business. The Coggin College of Business LLC creates a cohort of students interested in many areas of business. Applicable majors include the nine business majors. Required LLC course to be taken together: GEB 1990.
  • First Forward
    This community provides an integrated college experience for first-generation college students at UNF whose immediate family members have not completed a college degree. This community is designed to enhance academic success skills, maximize students' collegiate experience, build a living environment that is welcoming, supportive and inclusive, and offer extra support by fostering connections in the UNF community. Required LLC course taken together: ENC 1143.
  • Healthy Osprey
    The Healthy Osprey LLC is open to all incoming first-year students who want to continue or start living a healthy lifestyle. All levels of fitness are welcome to participate, and "healthy" is pursued to the fullest extent of the word. As a participant in the Healthy Osprey LLC you will experience organic gardening, the high-ropes course, group fitness classes, healthy cooking demonstrations and much more. Required course taken in the fall or spring: HSC 2100.
  • Honors
    The Hicks Honors College is intentional in its efforts to create a living and learning environment within our Honors community. The goal is to create a seamless transition between learning in and outside of the classroom. This community will heighten student intellectual and personal growth and promote a greater degree of engagement in campus life. Required course taken together: IDH 1923.
  • Making a Difference in Education (M.A.D.E.)
    The MADE LLC is open to first-year students who plan to major in education. This LLC will provide a range of opportunities to connect with faculty, explore careers within the education field, and prepare students for the General Knowledge Exam. Students will benefit from skills workshops, classroom tours, leadership opportunities and faculty support. Required course taken together: EDF 2260.
  • Music
    The Music LLC boasts a musically immersive environment for music majors to foster creativity, collaborate with other artists, and enhance their musical talents. Participants in the Music LLC can expect a close relationship with faculty and staff from the School of Music, programs catered directly to the interests and passions of the community, and support in establishing your personal musical identity and network. Required course taken together: MUS 1020.
  • Pre-Medical
    This community assists you in becoming a competitive candidate for admission to professional schools in the medical field.  The Pre-Med LLC creates a cohort of students interested in the medical profession. Applicable majors for the Pre-Medical LLC include biomedical sciences, biology, chemistry and physics. Students are required to be interested in pursuing medical, dental or veterinary school to be eligible. Required course taken together: BSC 2932.
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)
    The STEM LLC connects first-year students interested in pursuing a degree or career in science (non-medical aspects of science), technology, engineering, or math. The STEM LLC will help students develop academic and professional skills needed to succeed in their careers and socially at UNF. Required LLC course may be required.
  • Stonewall
    Students in the Stonewall LLC will celebrate and affirm the cultural experience of gender expansiveness while welcoming the diverse and complex identities of every resident. The Stonewall LLC is a partnership with the LGBTQ Center. No required course taken together.
    The THRIVE LLC is open only to students who are accepted into the THRIVE program at UNF or serve as an ally or mentor to the THRIVE program. Students will experience tailored study halls and tutoring, weekly THRIVE classes on executive functioning and career development skills, and individualized attention from the THRIVE program staff. No required course taken together.

Attend Week of Welcome

Want to join in UNF traditions, get involved and engaged, and learn your way around campus? The Week of Welcome (WOW) will kick off the new school year with a series of events, programs, and opportunities to help new Ospreys learn their way around UNF. Hosted the first week of the term, WOW gives you a head start to flourish socially and academically by participating in campus programs, small group gatherings, events, and school traditions.

Past Week of Welcome events have included:

  • Ospreys Involved Extravaganza

  • Tour the Museum of Contemporary Art

  • Comedy Night

  • New Student Convocation

  • Welcome to College Luau

  • Don't Mess the Nest

  • Osprey Productions Movie Night

  • Jax Life Fest

  • Eco Adventures

  • New Student Community Service Project

  • Ozzie's Weekend


For more information and a schedule of this year's events, visit the Week of Welcome website.

Visit WOW Webpage


Get Involved

Students who get involved on campus in both academic and co-curricular activities tend to have better grades and have a more enjoyable college experience overall. Though being at a university can feel intimidating at first, becoming involved with student organizations and connecting with university departments can quickly transform anxiety into comfort, and inevitably open doors to bigger opportunities. You will begin to establish relationships, create connections, and define your First-Year Experience.

Getting involved can take many forms. With more than 180 student organizations, multiple service opportunities, campus events and friendly people to help you find the right resources, finding your niche at UNF is simple. Visit our Osprey Involvement Center website for a list of current student clubs and organizations at UNF. Also, talk with your academic advisor about student organizations within your major of interest.