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Undergraduate Studies

Faculty and UGS

  • Submit Early Academic Alerts and Midterm Grades

    Through the Early Academic Alert System (EAAS), faculty can submit an Alert that automatically notifies a student's academic advisor. Alerts can be submitted for students that may not be on a successful track in the course. Common reasons may be due to poor exam grades, missing assignments, or a lack or decrease in class attendance. The Alert System allows faculty to submit comments to the advisor, after which the advisor will contact the student.

    Faculty can also submit Midterm Grades of an S (Satisfactory) or U (Unsatisfactory) for each student in a course. Students can view their designation to get an idea of where they stand in the course and if it is believed they will end up passing. The S/U designation can be based on current course grades or more subjectively based on an individual student's trajectory in the course. As the criteria for S/U will differ between faculty, it is recommended that faculty communicate to their students what the S/U grade means for them and what should be done if they receive a U. Academic advisors and other support staff on campus will also conduct outreach for students with U Midterms. 

    For questions about using EAAS or submitting Midterm Grades, please contact the Success Advocacy team at

  • Co-advise with First-Year Advising During New Student Orientation

    UNF’s First-Year Advising (FYA) mission is to improve new UNF students’ onboarding and immersion at the University of North Florida. We provide intentional guidance and advisement on programs and services during their first semesters on campus as they are establishing themselves academically at UNF. Faculty that participate will receive a stipend and be required to attend advising trainings prior to the beginning of Orientation, which typically runs from May to July. Interested? Contact Erin Richman, Senior Director of Student Learning and Academic Initiatives:

  • Refer Students for Academic Support

    Student Academic Success Services (SASS) offers academic support through course-specific programming like Peer Tutoring and improving soft skills (e.g., time management, note-taking) through Academic Coaching. In addition to the peer-to-peer programs above, SASS also offers in-class or virtual workshops where staff will deliver presentations on Academic Coaching topics or share information about SASS services. These workshops can range from 10 minutes to an hour depending on the topic(s) covered.

    If a student in your class is experiencing academic roadblocks, refer them to SASS programs through the links above or by reaching out to SASS at, 904-620-5891, or going to Building 2, Room 2200. 

    If you would like to schedule an in-class or virtual presentation by SASS, contact Dylan Charles, SASS Director, at

  • Recommend Students for On-Campus Employment

    Undergraduate Studies is comprised of Career Services, Academic Advising Units, Student Academic Success Services, and more. Combined, over 130 UNF students are employed by UGS in various paid positions such as:

    • Career Services Webmaster
    • Career Services Student Assistant
    • Advising Office Assistants
    • Peer Tutors
    • Peer Academic Coaches
    • Osprey Peer Mentors, and more

    Consider referring students to a position in UGS by contacting UGS directly or by sharing this link for open UGS student positions.

  • BOOST (Building Outstanding Osprey Scholarly Techniques)

    BOOST is offered to First Year students who may be struggling academically. Programming includes:

    • A group workshop OR individualized meetings with a Persistence Advocate
    • Covers soft skills needed for academic success (e.g., time management, study skills), connection to campus support resources, academic plan
  • Transition Advising
    Transition Advising is designed for students who may be struggling in their current major or who are interested in exploring different majors. This service features:
    • A single point person for students who are considering a change of major (rather than sending students to different college advisors)
    • A close connection with the Career Services Student Engagement Team that offers students individualized career assessments and exploration
  • State College Collaborations

    In order to support prospective students prior to transfer from the Florida State College System, UGS offers UNF Advising Days to prospective transfer students who have indicated plans to attend UNF. We anticipate this will assist with smoother onboarding of transfer students and improvement in transfer student graduation rates.

    UNF also engages our UNF and the FSCJ advising teams in cross-training and professional development activities.

  • Career Quest
    Launching in Fall 2022 all students new to UNF will complete an educational module designed to introduce students to Career Services, and enable students to explore best fit majors and career options, review job market trends and data, learn how to develop professional skills, and encourage them to meet with CS staff to develop a Career Action Plan.
  • Osprey Connections First Year Experience (FYE)
    Launching in Fall 2022, the FYE program is designed to help incoming Freshmen develop a sense of belonging to UNF and to introduce students earlier in their academic career to what UNF does so well – high-impact practices. The FYE program also fulfills State and University General Education requirements. The program includes:
    • A writing-intensive course focused on a “big question” or theme
    • Two additional general education courses connected to the theme
    • Faculty across 3 courses work as a team to develop a connected and comprehensive academic experience that includes required co-curricular activities outside the classroom
    • FYE students will also have an assigned student leader who will help to build community for new students