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Coronavirus Updates


October 19

Increase in COVID-19 Cases

Dear Students,

The past seven months have been challenging times for communities across the globe. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives in ways we could never have imagined, and the University of North Florida understands how stressful this pandemic has been on the entire Osprey community.

Throughout the pandemic, UNF students, faculty, and staff have exhibited tremendous strength, resiliency, and courage in navigating this changed landscape. We have also been very fortunate to have a group of extremely dedicated people who have been working around the clock to respond to the challenges posed by COVID-19.

However, despite all of our best efforts, we have seen a significant rise in positive COVID-19 cases among UNF students in the past few weeks — including 41 last week. This increased spread of the virus is a direct result of students not practicing UNF’s “Four Key Pillars of Shared Responsibility,” especially when socializing off-campus. The four pillars include (1) practicing proper social distancing at all times, (2) wearing a mask in all indoor and outdoor areas when around others, (3) practicing proper personal hygiene, and (4) monitoring your health on a daily basis.

Keeping our campus community safe and healthy is our shared responsibility. Attending gatherings off-campus without proper social distancing and masks will continue to spread this virus and put your friends, family members, and the rest of the Osprey community at significant risk. Continued spread could also force the University to move all classes fully remote again and reduce all but essential services on campus. We all need to do our best to avoid such a scenario.

We have successfully navigated through the first two months of the Fall semester, and we are only five weeks away from Thanksgiving and the planned transition to remote learning for the remainder of the semester. For us to finish strong, we need all of you to stay hyper-vigilant and abide by UNF’s four pillars at all times.

For more information, including updates on COVID testing, reporting, and enforcement, please continue to monitor our Coronavirus website at the

Together we can do this. Together we will be better, stronger.


Bob Greenlaw

UNF COVID-19 Task Force Coordinator

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