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Undergraduate Studies

Give to Undergraduate Studies

Make a BIG Difference to Our Students!

For questions about giving or making a donation to UGS, please contact Kathleen Leone at or 904-620-1838.

Give to UGS

The Undergraduate Studies (UGS) team is dedicated to students' success. UNF students get holistic support from the UGS team, helping them successfully navigate their coursework, complete their degrees on time and receive professional guidance in reaching their career goals. Your gift today empowers Ospreys' academic and career success. With your support, we can reach our goals of excellence in helping every Osprey soar.

What We Do

Students benefit from the professional guidance they receive from the experts in Undergraduate Studies. Whether visiting UNF's offices of Academic Advising, Career Services, Tutoring, supplemental instruction, or time-management workshops, students become their best academic selves here in UGS. We deliver services all day and into the night to help our Ospreys be the best they can be! UGS partners closely with departments, faculty and staff across UNF to meet students' unique and diverse needs from start to finish.

In fact, each student has the opportunity to build an enduring personal relationship with their UNF academic advisor. Academic Advisors guide prospective, current and returning students as they develop and attain their academic, professional and personal goals. As one example, we start every UNF student out strong by connecting them to their own specialized First Year Advisor (FYA). Our FYA's receive special training to guide students as they explore UNF during their first year, making sure they are plugged into UNF's amazing campus resources and support services early on to reach their goals and soar to success.

We serve students at every stage of their Osprey journey, even as they leave the Nest. In Fall 2021 alone, UNF Career Services met with over 1,600 students, hosted over 3,000 students at career-focused events and brought over 500+ employers to campus. We exist to help students reach their academic and career dreams.

Why Your Support is Important

With your help, UGS will be able to enhance and expand existing services and programming and develop additional student initiatives and programming to support student academic success. For example, many of our Student Academic Success Services involve peer-led academic support. As a result, not only do students seeking help get the support they need, but successful students may become peer leaders and benefit from extensive training and meaningful work experience while still in college.

How Your Donations Make a Difference

A gift to UGS means you are investing in student success. Your contribution gets more Ospreys to their finish line and sets more Ospreys up for fulfilling careers. Your donation helps us bring more transformational employment opportunities to campus so every Osprey can attain the tomorrow they are working hard for today. Investing in student success translates directly into advising, tutoring, career services and other resources.

Your gift can be used immediately to enhance student academic and career progression through: supplemental instruction tools, tutoring technology, career development assessments, incentives to keep students on track (think: OzzieBucks) and innovative professional development for UNF student-serving staff.

What Our Students Say

"Not every student that goes to college gets as lucky as me to find a person as incredible as [my advisor]. Never stop doing what you do with the same positiveness, passion and love. The impact that you have in your students' lives goes beyond what you can imagine."

"You guys have no idea how grateful I am. I wouldn't succeed in some of my courses if it weren't for SASS."

Supplemental Instruction/PASS
“Y'all are awesome, fun and motivating!”
“Truly the highlight of this school year for me.”
“Thank you to all the SI leaders and staff for all your hard work!”

Living Learning Communities (LLC)
"I made some of the best friends I have ever made. I'm always going to be grateful towards the LLC for bringing us all together. I've had an amazing journey with them and the rest of the LLC!"