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Undergraduate Studies

Transition Advising

Students who are struggling or not happy in their current major can weigh their options with the help of UNF's Transition Advising Specialist. Academic advisors and faculty across campus can refer their student using the Transition Advising Referral (TAR) system. The Transition Advising Specialist guides students in choosing a program that is better fit for them. Common questions for students who are considering new program include:

  • Can this major be completed by their graduation deadline?
  • What is the impact on Excess hours?
  • What are the career options for me?

The Transition Advising Specialist reviews options and assists the student in making an informed decision on their major change, while connecting them to resources on campus to make the transition smooth.

The Transition Advising Specialist is Michele Clement, who can be reached at or 904-620-1012.