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Undergraduate Studies

Degree Works

A web-based advising and degree-planning tool available through myWings, Degree Works assists students, advisors, and designated faculty and staff in monitoring students' progress. 

Degree Works organizes a student’s course work in an easy-to-read report (degree audit) summarizing completed and missing requirements for a degree, as defined in the University of North Florida catalog.

Who can use Degree Works?

  • All undergraduate and graduate students who entered in Fall 2016 or later.

The Degree Works audit is UNOFFICIAL and does not take the place of regular academic advising. After reviewing their degree audit, students should discuss their progress toward degree completion with their advisor.

Students and advisors can use this system to track progress toward a degree or perform a “What-If” analysis prior to a student declaring a major or making a change to a major, minor, and/or concentration offered at UNF.  Advisors can also use this system to create a semester-by-semester plan for a student's graduation.

Instructions for Students

Degree Works is a web-based advising and degree-planning tool accessible through the student portal. It organizes a student's course work in an easy-to-read degree audit summarizing completed and outstanding requirements for a degree, as defined in the UNF catalog.

Key Features:

  • Track progress toward graduation

  • Prepare for a meeting with your advisor

  • View courses, grades, and academic standing

  • Identify courses need to complete your degree

  • Plan your semester schedule

  • Calculate various GPA scenarios

  • Create What-If degree audits to explore changing majors

Degree Works Training Videos

Introduction to Degree Works and Basic Navigation

Note: The myWings portal has been upgraded. Degree Works is now accessed in the 'Student' section of My Resources by selecting the My Degree Evaluation link.

The Structure of the Degree Evaluation

What If and Future Classes

Additional Tools and Resources

Instructions for Advisors, Faculty & Staff

All current advisors, faculty, and staff will access Degree Works through myWings under Employee tools.

For additional information or questions regarding Degree Works, please contact the Degree Works inbox (


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