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Board of Trustees

Board Evaluation Policy

(Approved by the UNF Board of Trustees 1/17/2019)


Recognizing the benefits associated with an accountable, comprehensive and self-reflective assessment of how the Board exercises its responsibilities, the Board establishes this policy on board evaluation. By taking this action, the Board acknowledges the importance of fulfilling its responsibilities for effective governance and commits to defining and regularly evaluating its roles, responsibilities, actions, and progress towards achieving its goals. 


The Board of Trustees believes five principles should guide and inform the Board evaluation process: 

  1. The evaluation process should focus on strengthening and ensuring accountability to achieve effective board performance.
  2. The evaluation process should reinforce a clear and common understanding of Board roles and responsibilities.
  3. The evaluation process should enable Board members to identify and reach consensus on board goals.
  4. The evaluation process should be viewed as an opportunity to clarify mutual expectations of Board members and the President.
  5. The evaluation process sets the occasion to strengthen relationships among Board members and with the President.

Evaluation Process and Timeline

Comprehensive Board Evaluation:

Every three years the Board of Trustees will conduct a comprehensive Board evaluation, including an assessment of progress in meeting goals based on the three-year action plan then in effect and development of a new Board action plan.

  1. The Governance Committee will initiate the Board evaluation process in consultation with the President and Board Chair.
  2. An outside consultant will guide the process, analyze the results, and facilitate retreats to share and discuss findings.
  3. The Board and facilitator will develop a Board action plan based on the evaluation assessment results and retreat discussions. This plan will guide the work of the Board and committees for the next three years.
  4. The evaluation process will commence in the fall and will be fully concluded by spring.

Annual Board Evaluation:

The Board of Trustees will annually assess its progress in meeting goals and expectations as articulated in the Board action plan developed during the last evaluation.

  1. The Governance Committee will be responsible for initiating the Board action plan assessment.
  2. The assessment process will commence in the fall and will be fully concluded by spring.
  3. As necessary, the Board will modify its action plan based on discussion of its assessment of progress in meeting goals and expectations of the earlier evaluation.


Effective governing boards are comprised of trustees who are committed to excellence in performing their duties. While individual trustee behavior contributes to effective board functioning, a board evaluation looks at how individuals collectively work together to govern the University. The results of the board evaluation process will provide the Board with an opportunity to engage in constructive discussion on how to close the “gaps” between expectations and performance, set the stage for strategic improvements, and establish goals and priorities for the next three years.