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Board of Trustees

2023-2026 University of North Florida Board of Trustees Action Plan for Continuing Performance Improvement

 (Approved by the UNF Board of Trustees 6/15/2023)

Context: This action plan is to meet the expectations of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) standard for Board governance. The goal of the plan is to improve Board effectiveness and trustee engagement in advancing the University’s strategic plan. The time frame for the plan is three years.

  1. Review the following documents and policies:
    1. Board bylaws every other year or as needed
    2. Delegation of authority by the Board to the President every other year or as needed
    3. Committee charters reaffirmed or revised annually
  2. Board meeting agenda and processes:
    1. Continue Chairs planning meetings to allow for inclusive agenda development
    2. Develop an annual work plan for the board and the board committees based on the elements of the new strategic plan
  3. Monitoring of Mission and Strategic Plan
  4. President will work with each trustee to develop individual trustee engagement plans
  5. Annually assess progress in meeting goals and expectations of the Board action plan