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Board of Trustees
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University of North Florida Board of Trustees

The University of North Florida Board of Trustees was established in Florida's Constitution June 28, 2001. The Board of Trustees is responsible for cost-effective policy, implementing and maintaining high-quality education programs consistent with the university's mission, performance evaluation, and developing a process, meeting state policy, budgeting and education standards.

Board members are appointed by the Governor (six citizen members) and by the Board of Governors (five citizen members). These appointees must be confirmed by the Florida Senate. The remaining two members are the president of the Faculty Association and the president of Student Government.

Please visit the Powers and Duties Document to view the powers and duties of the Board of Trustees. If you have inquiries concerning the Board of Trustees or its operations, they may be sent to Karen Stone.

Upcoming Full Board and Committee Meetings

  • 9/9/24 - Chairs Planning Meeting
  • 9/16/24 - Audit and Compliance / Governance Committee Meetings
  • 9/23/24 - Academic and Student Affairs / Finance and Facilities Committee Meetings
  • 9/30/24 - Board of Trustees Meeting