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Board of Trustees

Roles and Responsibilities of the Board Chair

(Approved by the UNF Board of Trustees 4/27/2022)

Ensures Effectiveness and Focus of the Board

  • Serves as the Presiding Officer of the Board
  • Serves as Chair of the Governance Committee
  • Serves as ex officio voting member of all Board Committees
  • Sets the Agenda for Board meetings, in consultation with the President
  • Attends all Board and Board Committee meetings
  • Appoints Board Committees Chairs and Members
  • Appoints the Presidential Search Committee and ad hoc committees (as needed)
  • Conducts efficient, inclusive board meetings
  • Focuses the Board’s agenda on mission and strategy
  • Engages Board members in substantive strategic discussions
  • Facilitates communication among Board members at public meetings
  • Demonstrates exemplary ethical leadership
  • Treats Board members with respect
  • Serves as the public spokesperson for the Board with the media, stakeholder groups, and the community at large

Serves as a Representative for the Board to all University Stakeholders

  • Represents the Board and advocates for the University at the state level, including active engagement with the Florida Board of Governors, whether at Board of Governors meetings, retreats, Chair’s Calls or otherwise.
  • Represents the Board at University and community functions
  • Reinforces the mission of the University with the community
  • Sets the tone for community outreach

Serves as an Advisor to the University President

  • Negotiates contract provisions with the University President
  • Manages the relationship with the President
  • Confers with the President regarding hiring and firing and compensation of top administrative positions
  • Approves the President’s outside activities
  • Meets regularly with the President and shares on going feedback
  • Leads the Presidential Annual Evaluation process. This includes preparation of the President’s annual evaluation, which includes input by the Board, and the Chair of the Florida Board of Governors.  Communicates the outcome of the presidential evaluation with the President and monitors any necessary follow up.
  • Works with the President to establish annual performance goals for submittal and approval by the Board