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Administration and Finance

Administration and Finance


The Division of Administration & Finance will be recognized as an innovative steward invested in the administrative and financial success of the University community. We will be proactively sought as a collaborative partner in developing solutions with students, faculty, staff, parents, contractors, vendors and guests.


The Division of Administration and Finance will work vigorously to understand and balance the financial, administrative, safety, human and compliance needs of the University. We seek respectful and ongoing relationships to enhance constituent experiences. We serve to protect and enhance the University’s resources.


To fulfill our mission, we will be guided by the commitment to excellence, relevance and accountability through the demonstration of the pursuit of truth and knowledge, ethical conduct, community engagement, diversity, responsibility to the natural environment and mutual respect and civility. We will be mindful that our actions reflect respect and courtesy and our treatment of others will be caring and fair. We will solicit new and creative ideas in order to provide the best services possible. Our demonstration of openness and diversity will engage our individual and collective efforts to recruit and include a diverse workforce at all levels and in all settings.


  1. Administration & Finance will provide students, faculty, and staff with well-run infrastructure and services to effectively carry out the research, teaching, outreach and public service mission of the University.
  2. Administration & Finance will proactively listen to and understand the needs of the University community so that we can more effectively and respectfully solve challenges collaboratively.
  3. Administration & Finance will seek and implement innovative solutions and best practices to support the changing needs and environment of the University.
  4. Administration & Finance will support informed decision making by collecting, analyzing and reporting on data, and leveraging that data to improve performance both within the division and across the University community.
  5. Administration & Finance will be proactive stewards of the University's resources and services, balancing constituent needs while protecting and enhancing them and ensuring compliance and safety.
  6. Administration & Finance will consistently strive to treat all constituents with civility and respect and seek to improve customer satisfaction.