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Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety Mission

The Department of Environmental Health, Safety, Insurance and Risk Management is dedicated to serving the students, faculty, staff, and community of the University of North Florida and surrounding area. Effective service provides employees with a sense of security in the knowledge that the University is committed to providing safe employment. This dedication involves a service relationship where compliance consultations, training sessions, monitoring and follow-up are provided with the goal of ensuring customer satisfaction.

EH&S will strive to maintain high quality innovative programs, policies and procedures which reflect a commitment to integrity, honesty, professionalism and teamwork. The implementation of safety programs and policies will be handled in an equitable, consistent manner and when possible, compliance objectives will be tailored to individual departmental needs. The mission of EH&S is to ensure employment at the University of North Florida is free from recognized occupational safety and environmental health hazards. In fulfilling this mission, employees will not endure the pain and suffering of accidents and more resources will be available to conduct the business of the University.

The mission is achieved through: Preventive inspections, training sessions, newsletters and education to ensure that safety is in the forefront of everyone's mind; Written policies and manuals, compliance audits, review and update to ensure state-of-the-art safety programs; Monitoring and medical examination to prevent hazardous exposures when possible, evaluate those that do occur and ensure that employees are physically capable of donning protective equipment and performing hazardous duties; Record-keeping and documentation to demonstrate regulatory compliance and minimize the impact of compliance inspections.