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Emergency Management

Crisis Management Team

The Crisis Management Team (CMT) works to ensure that UNF is prepared to respond to, recover from, and diminish the effects of a wide variety of disasters that could adversely affect the health, safety, and welfare of its students, faculty, staff, and visitors. 

John Hale – Chair
Associate VP, Administration and Finance

(904) 620-1713

Scott Bennett
Vice President, Administration and Finance

(904) 620-2060

Bob Boyle
Senior Director, Housing and Residence Life

(904) 620-4661

Alison Cruess
Director of Operations, President's Office

(904) 620-2583

Jeff Durfee
Director, IT Network, Security, Services, Administration and Finance

(904) 620-2157

Dan Endicott
Director, Environmental Health and Safety

(904) 620-2019

Bob Greenlaw
Emergency Manager

(904) 620-2257

Wallace Harris
Director, Facilities Operations

(904) 620-1310


Olga Igolnikov
Senior Director, Advancement Services

(904) 620-5250

Ruth Lopez
Assistant VP, Student Affairs

(904) 620-1097

Frank Mackesy
Chief, University Police Department

(904) 620-2800

Nick Morrow
Director, Athletics

(904) 620-2327

Valerie Reynolds
Divisional Budget Coordinator, Administration and Finance

(904) 620-2571

Vince Smyth
Associate VP, Administration and Finance

(904) 620-2287

Isabel Pease
Interim VP, Marketing and Communications

(904) 620-4725