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Environmental Health and Safety
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Building Emergency Coordinator Program

Anyone who has been involved in a facility emergency knows the feeling of uncertainty and anxiety that can ensue. Therefore, UNF has developed a Building Emergency Coordinator Program that uses teams of selected individuals to assist with building evacuations, when ordered.

If you have been identified as a Building Emergency Coordinator for your work area, you should coordinate the elements of this program with the other members of your Building Emergency Coordinator Team and review the following duties:

  • Attend training for Building Emergency Coordinator as provided by the Crisis Management Team and Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S)
  • Obtain an orange Building Emergency Coordinator safety vest from EH&S and wear while "on duty"
  • Serve as the focal point for public safety issues during building evacuations
  • Act as liaison between building occupants and the University Police Department (UPD)
  • Direct occupants to leave the building when an evacuation is ordered
  • Assist the UPD in directing occupants to a staging area away from the building, if it is safe to do so
  • Participate in the evaluation and testing of the Indoor Public Address System
  • Report suspicious activity or packages to UPD

The duties begin when you receive an emergency notice from various sources including the University Crisis Management Team (CMT) or UPD via e-mail, phone, text, or the campus PA systems. If an evacuation is ordered, you should ensure that all occupants leave the building in a safe and orderly fashion on your way out. Occupants should be reminded to follow the instructions of UPD and other responding emergency officials. If it is safe to do so, coordinate with an on-site UPD officer to determine a safe staging area and direct occupants to it. You may also receive additional instructions from UPD or the CMT.

Once the staging area is occupied, a headcount should be conducted, if possible, to evaluate the status of the group. Attempt to keep occupants at the staging area until instructions are given to move, begin campus evacuation or return to the building. Campus evacuations will be handled on a case-by-case basis through the UPD.

For more information including training for Building Emergency Coordinator, please contact EH&S.

Thank you for your assistance in this important life-safety matter