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University Planning and Budget

University Planning and Budget

New Budget Workday Content

We have a lot of new Workday content posted related to Finance and Budget! Check out the links below!

Budget Training

Check out the training page for things like:

  • How to Guides
  • Budget Report and Task Information
  • Budget Dashboard Information
  • Budget Amendment Guides

Budget Workday FAQs

Check out the FAQ Page for things like:

  • Foundation Data Model (FDM) FAQs
  • Budget Amendment FAQs
  • Positions & Position Costing FAQs


Budget Workday Conversion

Check out the Workday Conversion Page for things like:

  • Banner to Workday Data Crosswalks
  • Banner to Workday Terminology

White calculator and report with chart and graphAnnouncements

  • We've got brand new Workday information posted related to Finance and Budget. Keep checking back on the Budget Training page and the Workday Budget FAQ page. We've also released several of the Banner to Workday crosswalk lookup files on the Budget Workday Conversion Page! We're posting information frequently. Let us know if you have any questions or if there's anything else that would be helpful!
  • Self-Service Budget Development (SSBD) has been reviewed and posted in FY25 in both Banner and Workday. If you have access to the training tenant for Workday, you can now go in and start reviewing your Workday budget for FY25! Here's a Guide on how to compare your Workday and Banner budgets.
  • A major difference to consider in planning your budget for next year is that Committed Encumbrances will be discontinued starting in FY25. Encumbrances will still roll, but they will not roll with the associated budget as they have in the past for E&G and Carry Forward funding. Any charges associated with encumbrances that will be open moving into FY25 need to be accounted for in your FY25 budget. There will be a request process to request additional funding that will be announced closer to fiscal year-end, but additional funding is not guaranteed. Please plan to have those FY25 expenses come out of your FY25 budget.
  • Start planning now for Fiscal Year End. Be mindful of earlier deadlines this year to help us transition over to Workday.



Our Mission

The University Planning & Budget Office provides leadership, administrative and technical support in the development, implementation and administration of the university budgets and all resource allocation matters by providing information and innovative tools to facilitate planning, daily fiscal management of campus units, and compliance with State and University funding guidelines.

UNF Brand Promise

UNF, a nationally ranked university located on an environmentally beautiful campus, offers students who are dedicated to enriching the lives of others the opportunity to build their own futures through a well-rounded education.