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University Planning and Budget

Divisional Budget Officers

At UNF, each division has a budget officer that provides fiscal oversight and guidance to all departmental and unit budget managers in their area. Divisional budget officers are a great resource for questions regarding divisional financial priorities and support, and any fiscal matter specific to your department or unit. There are also budget officers are the college level who are available to you if your unit falls under a college. The University Office of Planning and Budget Staff also works closely with the Divisional and College Budget Officers and our contact information is available on our 'Contact Us' page.

Academic & Student Affairs

Budget Officers
Name Email Phone number
Christine Malek-Richard 
Academic & Student Affairs (904) 620-3983
Anne Hoover
Academic Affairs (904) 620-2711
Jennifer Nabors
Academic Affairs (904) 620-1270
Dawn Knipe
Academic Affairs (904) 620-1617
 Julie Dann
Student Affairs (904) 620-5839

Administration & Finance

Budget Officer
Name Email Phone number
Kristin Quinn (904) 620-2136

Information Technology Services

Budget Officer
Name Email Phone number
Karla Calliste-Edgar (904) 620-2035

President's Unit

Budget Officer
Name Email Phone number
Valerie Reynolds (904) 620-2571

University Development & Alumni Engagement

Budget Officer
Name Email Phone number
Olga Igolnikov (904) 620-5250
Tami Johnson (904) 620-2160