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University Planning and Budget

Auxiliary Budget Oversight

Non-E&G Initial Approved Budgets

Please select the desired fiscal year below to view the Auxiliary Initial Budget approved packets. These budget packets are not updated throughout the year as changes are made, but will show the original approved budget after the Auxiliary Oversight Budget Hearing process and approved by the Board of Trustees at the beginning of each fiscal year. If you need records from years that are not listed, please contact the Office of Planning and Budget at

Auxiliary Budget Change Request Process

Units that need to request a change to their initial approved auxiliary budget throughout the fiscal year should prepare a budget request packet and route the documentation to the appropriate Divisional Budget Officer.  

Request documentation must include: 

Once approved at the divisional level, Divisional Budget Officers can submit requests to Requests will be reviewed by the University Planning & Budget Office and routed for additional approvals as needed. Once requests are approved, or if additional information is needed, the University Planning & Budget Office will notify the requestors.