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Procurement Services

Osprey Acquire


The University partners with a number of vendors to meet cross-campus needs. Agreements that may be of interest to multiple constituents are organized in the categories below. For guidance on how to acquire various goods and services, view the Expenditure Matrix.

Contracts put in place by Florida's Department of Management Services are also available for use by the University .

If you have any suggestions regarding Osprey Acquire, please contact Banner-Purchase. See the Commodity Assignments page if you would like to identify a contact for a future need.

Advertising & Promotional

Marketing & Communications approval required for non-employment advertisements, signage, banners, promotional items, and logo'd apparel. Exceptions to Marketing & Communications approval include: course materials, internal business forms, and Student Government entities (Osprey Productions, Greek Life, SG Admin, etc.).


Apparel & Fitness


Area Hotels

Jacksonville Area Hotels


Computing & Technology

Prior to placing any online order with Dell or Apple, please review their Ordering Guide.

For computer purchases, include the following information in Direct Pay document text or the Concur Expense Report:

  • The serial number in the “Additional Information” field on the Concur expense report.
  • The Custodian’s name and N# in the “Comments” field.
  • Description of the item in the “Comments” field (ex. iPad Pro 12.9).

If a P-Card is used to purchase multiple computers, itemize each transaction (ex. P-Card purchase of two $800 desktops for a transaction total of $1,600. There should be two lines, both coded to 740099, and the above information included for each desktop). If you have any questions regarding the tagging of computers, account codes or information required, contact Jim Mousa or Ana Guzman

 Construction, Architecture, and Engineering

  • Campus Architects

    Buyer: John Burdine



    Akel Logan Shafer, Bhide & Hall Architects

    Pond & Company, PQH Group, TTV Architects

    Effective Date:  7/1/21 – 6/30/23

    Contract:  RFQ 21-03

    Renewals:  1, 2 Year Renewal

  • Construction Management

    Buyer: John Burdine 



    Ajax Building Corporation, Auld & White

    Elkins Construction, Stellar

    Effective Date:  7/1/19 – 6/30/23

    Contract:  RFQ 19-11

  • Pre-Qualified General Contractors

    Buyer: John Burdine ( 


    Andesco, Auld & White, CC Borden, Charles Perry Partners, E. Vaughn Rivers, Foresight, KBT Contracting Corp, Ladson, Lasa, Scherer, Thomas May, Warden


    Effective Date:  1/01/21 - 12/31/23

    Contract:  RFQ 21-01

    Renewals:  3, 1 Year Renewal

  • Professional Engineering Services

    Buyer:  John Burdine (

    Civil: Arcadis US, Chen Moore & Associates, GAI Consultants, Four Waters

    Electrical:  Akin Brooks, GRAEF-USA, H2Engineering,

    Haddad, McVeigh & Magnum
    Mechanical:  Affiliated Engineers SE, Akin Brooks, H2Engineering,

    Joseph Engineering, McVeigh & Magnum, Moses & Associates

    Structural:  Arcadis US, G.M. Hill, GRAEF-USA, McVeigh & Magnum 

    Effective Date:  7/01/22 - 6/30/24

    Renewals:  1, 2 Year Renewal

    Contract:  RFQ 22-22 

Disaster and Emergency

Events and Production

See Safety Products & Services page for information on Security Services supplier Contemporary Services Corporation (CSC).

Food, Caterting and Equipment

All food service on University grounds is regulated by the Florida Department of Health in Duval County. Food service includes all sale and distribution of food and food products on campus. The two vendor categories for food service are (a) established on-campus food vendors (above), and (b) licensed/registered off-campus food vendors.

On-campus catering other than that provided by UNF Dining Services or Mayes Food Service requires Environmental Health & Safety approval.

For vendors approved for pickup or delivery, see Environmental Health & Safety's List of Registered Food Vendors.


To simplify office and classroom set-up, Procurement Services has established furniture standards. 

Ordering Project Furniture

Submit a request for project furniture

Commercial vs. Residential Furniture

When purchasing furniture for office spaces, it is important to understand the differences between commercial and residential furniture. Commercial furniture is more durable and can handle the wear and tear of constant usage, while residential furniture is not designed to be as sturdy because it simply does not experience the same traffic. Because of its longevity, professional appearance, and superior construction, commercial furniture is often more costly than residential furniture; however, commercial furniture can be customized in various ways to meet the needs of the campus department. As such, commercial furniture is made to order and can take six to eight weeks to arrive.

Because of client customization, manufacturers often do not allow returns, and if they do, the return policies might include hefty return fees and return shipping costs. However, commercial furniture usually includes lengthy warranties to cover any manufacturer defect. Despite longer lead times and limited return policies, campus departments can expect exceptional quality accompanied by lengthy warranties from commercial furniture in their office spaces.


Orders that cost less than $5,000 and do not include interior design services should be placed with your P-Card. Orders that exceed $5,000 or include interior design include, require a purchase order. Once you receive the final quote, you will enter a requisition in Banner and forward the quote to Procurement Services as backup documentation.

Maintenance Contacts

Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) Projects

Commodities requiring additional approval prior to initiation:

  • Architectural and Engineering services
  • Construction (repairs, building modifications, new additions)
  • Carpeting and Window Coverings
  • Furniture

Please contact Procurement Services ( for guidance.

MRO Supplies


Campus Moving and Relocation


Photographers invoice on a per job basis. Other than the agreements listed below, photography agreements must be approved by Marketing and Publications. Contact Senior Buyer Gaea Holt ( with questions regarding the purchase of photography/videography services.


Personal protective equipment (PPE) will now be purchased at the department level. If you are planning any large scale orders or are unsure how to proceed with an order, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Procurement Services team at or call Procurement Services at (904) 620-2730 for assistance.

All PPE purchases are being charged to Account Code 740033- PPE Products for reporting purposes. 

Safety Products and Services


Shipping and Freight

Supplies and Print

For Name Tags, contact Business Services. 

Temporary Staffing


Vehicles and Carts

All vehicle purchases require a requisition. Please contact Gaea Holt for quote assistance.

Repairs, parts, and supplies for UNF-owned vehicles paid via P-card. If service is to be performed on campus, an iContract Service Agreement is required.