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Procurement Services

Frequently Asked Questions - Campus

  • What is the competitive solicitation threshold?
    The competitive solicitation threshold is the dollar amount over which goods or services must be bought by a competitive process. In accordance with Regulation 13.0010R "Procurement Program," the formal  competitive solicitation threshold is $150,000. Procurement Services has guidelines for the purchase of commodities and services costing less than $150,000. These are available on the Competitive Quotes/Solicitation Thresholds webpage. 
  • Is it the responsibility of the user department to obtain competitive quotes for their purchasing requests?
    Departments are responsible for obtaining and submitting quotes as documentation supporting a Requisition or iContract. Quotes from different suppliers must be equal in scope, that is, different quotes must equally provide sufficient details for goods/services needed and delivery specifications. Procurement Services has the right to obtain additional quotes if it is determined to be in the best interest of the University.
  • My department needs to purchase a vehicle. How should we go about getting a quote?
    There are State and Government contracts in place for vehicles with very competitive pricing. Contact the Procurement Services buyer who handles vehicles to obtain the current link to these contracts. Procurement Services will obtain a quote from the contracted vehicle dealer. If it meets with the department’s budget, a requisition should be input noting the contract source.
  • How can I tell if an invoice pertaining to a purchase order has been paid?
    There are several ways:
    1. View the encumbrance document in Banner self-service, scroll to the bottom of the purchase order form and it will show you all associated documents 
    2. Look at the form FGIENCD or FOIDOCH in Internet Native Banner 
    3. Contact the Accounts Payable representative responsible for the first letter of your vendor’s name 
  • What do the different purchase order/encumbrance prefixes mean?

    P (FY)xxxxx   – issued for a one-time purchase (or single payment) for the procurement of goods and/or services

    V (FY)xxxxx – standing order for an indefinite quantity contract (or multiple payments) usually issued for an entire year
    VB (FY)xxxx – standing order whereby the funds are not encumbered

    C0xxxxxxxx  – purchase order encumbrance resulting from an agreement processed in iContracts