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What is iContracts?

iContracts Universal Contract Management (UCM) platform is the University's online system for contract approval and management.  

Navigate to iContracts

Access to iContracts can be found through myWings by selecting Employee Tools and then iContracts (Contract Routing).  The system will automatically authenticate with your myWings password.

New Direct Entry Process 

iContracts has released a product enhancement that improves the contract entry process. UNF’s system will not default to this enhancement until a later date which gives users the ability to select which method they prefer. The new entry process is more “wizard-like” and allows you to resume the entry process where you left off if you are not able to complete it in one session.

If you would like to try the new Direct Entry process, please review the Direct Entry process guide.

Quick Hits

A collection of short videos answering common questions is provided online by UCM Support.



  1. When entering a contract, please use the established naming convention: (Division)(space)-(space)(Document Title)(space)–(space)(Vendor Name). Refer to the iContracts Naming Conventions document above for additional information.
  2. The Owner is responsible for the “Execution” stage of the workflow since they have been working with the vendor to establish an agreement. Once the vendor counter signs the document, the contract is “executed”. When the Owner receives the executed agreement back from the vendor, the executed agreement should be uploaded to iContracts and then the workflow moved forward to the next stage in the workflow, which is either Purchasing or General Counsel Audit. If the vendor signed first, then the contract can just be moved forward in the workflow.
  3. When adding attachments, if the attachment is the primary document check the “Make This The Primary Document” checkbox in order to make the file a primary document. This will display the document within the Summary Container for easy access to the primary document.
  4. Supplier registration information and W-9 forms are collected on the UNF Supplier Portal, not within iContracts. This helps to maintain privacy of the suppliers’ Tax Identification Number (TIN).
  5. No Banner requisition is required to be entered for any contract that has been routed through iContracts. Once the contract reaches Procurement Services through the workflow, a purchase order will be issued from the information provided in the General Info Field Group. 

Commonly Used Account Codes for iContracts


For ADA purposes, alt text for iContract Life Cycle image: Universal Contract Manager continuous process chart with nine phases: contract requests and templates; negotiations and approvals; active contracts; milestones; reporting; yearly renewable certifications and documents; reviews and audits; amendments, renewals, and expiring contracts; and archive contracts.

iContracts Life Cycle. See text at bottom of page