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Procurement Services

Information for Bidders

All University of North Florida (UNF) solicitations are made upon and subject to the following conditions, if applicable, unless otherwise noted in the Solicitation:

University Demographics / Entity Status

UNF's student-centered mission is to create the next generation of thinkers, leaders, and problem solvers with the knowledge and experience to uniquely change the world. The University is committed to achieving excellence in all that it does, being an institution of uncompromising character, and leading with humility, humanity and integrity.

As an institution UNF values:

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Innovation

Fall 2019 enrollment exceeded 17,000 students with a faculty to student ratio of 19:1. The University employs over 1,800 full time employees. For additional demographics and information about the University, please visit the University's website at

Use of Agreement by Other Agencies

It is the intent that any agreement resulting from an UNF solicitation/bid be available for use to all units within the University of North Florida, any other educational institution or governmental entity including the State of Florida, its agencies and political subdivisions, counties, cities and any university within or outside the State of Florida State University System. Each entity using such agreement shall do so independently of UNF and shall be solely responsible for its own purchases.

The University reserves the right to add and/or delete elements, or to change any elements of the coverage and participation, at any time without prior notification and without liability of any kind or amount.



All types of agreements entered into by the University, regardless of what they may be called, for the procurement of materials, services, construction or the disposal of materials. The meaning of agreement or contract is interchangeable.


Any solicitation process conducted by the University. The term "Bid" might be used to describe an ITB, RFP, RFQ, or ITN.

Customer or Client

Unless otherwise implied by the context of the specific provision within this bid, "Customer" means a customer or client of the Vendor other than the University.

May, Should

Indicates something that is not mandatory but permissible, recommended or desirable.

Must, Shall, Will

Indicates a mandatory requirement; failure to meet these mandatory requirements may result in rejection of the proposal as non-responsive.


The entirety of the Vendor's responses to each point of the bid, including any and all supplemental offers or information not explicitly requested within the bid.


Same as Proposal.

Successful Vendor

Any entity who is awarded a contract under this competitive solicitation.

University or UNF

The University of North Florida Board of Trustees, the public body corporate of the University.


Any entity who submits a timely solicitation response to this competitive solicitation.

Vendor's Proposal

Same as Proposal.

Vendor's Response

Same as Proposal.


The UNF Procurement Services website at

Proposal Preparation & Submission Instructions

Vendor's Understanding of the Bid

In responding to a bid, the Vendor accepts full responsibility to understand the bid in its entirety and in detail, including making any inquires to the University as necessary to gain such understanding. Questions regarding the terms, conditions or specifications of bid document should be written and submitted in accordance with the bid directions no later than the stated deadline for questions.

Original Document

UNF Procurement Services shall retain the proposal and all related terms and conditions, exhibits and other attachments in original form, in an archival copy. Any modification of these in the Vendor's submission is grounds for immediate disqualification.

University Provides Information in Good Faith without Liability

All information provided by the University in the bid is offered in good faith. Individual items are subject to change at any time. The University makes no certification that any item is without error. The University is not responsible or liable for use of any information or for any claims based on the information.

Questions, Communications and Inquiries between the University and Vendors

The University has no obligation to furnish addenda by any other means than posting to its Website. The University will not respond to any questions/requests for clarification that require an addendum after the date identified in the bid document. Vendors are not entitled to rely upon communications from the University except as provided by the University in writing.

Pricing and/or Revenue Proposal

Vendors shall indicate pricing and/or revenue offers in the appropriate spaces and/or areas provided in the bid document.

The University may presume and hold as the Vendor's final offer all pricing and/or revenue offerings, whether stated as amounts or percentages, and/or whether or not offered on an all-or-none basis, if not specified by the Vendor. The University may accept or reject, in part or entirely, the Vendor's pricing and/or revenue offerings when such offerings are not on an all-or-none basis. The University prohibits the changing of pricing and/or revenue proposals after the initial bid opening date and time.

If the bid process involves negotiations, during the negotiation phase, favorable changes in pricing and/or revenue offers will be considered and/or expected. Unless otherwise specifically proposed by the Vendor, the University reserves the right to hold such pricing and/or revenue proposal as effective for the entire intended contract term. The University may prescribe the manner and method by which pricing and/or revenue offerings shall be communicated in the Vendor's proposal. The University may reject any proposal in which the pricing and/or revenue offering does not conform to such prescribed manner and method.

Revisions to the Bid

The University may revise any part of the bid for any reason by issuing addenda. The University will communicate additional information and addenda to the bid by posting them on the Website. Vendors are responsible for the information contained in such addenda. The University is under no obligation to communicate such addenda to Vendors other than posting to the Website. The University may determine whether an addendum will be considered as part of the bid and/or as part of any contract resulting therefrom. The University shall reject Vendors' responses to addenda if such responses are received after the bid opening date and time.

Attention to Terms and Conditions

Vendors are cautioned to thoroughly understand and comply with all matters covered under the University's Terms and Conditions, Information for Bidders, and specific bid instructions. Questions regarding the terms, conditions or specifications of the bid document should be written and submitted in accordance with the bid instructions no later than the stated deadline for questions.

Proposals that are contingent upon any changes to the stated terms and conditions and/or information for bidders may be deemed to be non-responsive and may be rejected by the University at its sole discretion and render the vendor ineligible for evaluation or award. When there are no stated exceptions in the proposal it shall be assumed that the vendor will comply with the requirements without qualification and may not re-negotiate contract terms if awarded.

Required Signature

The University may reject any Vendor's response if it is not fully completed and signed with legal authority where indicated.

Authority to Negotiate

If negotiations are involved, company negotiators must enter the negotiations with authority to bind. The University reserves the right to immediately terminate negotiations with any company whose representative is not empowered to, or who will not, make decisions during the negotiation session. The University may elect not to solicit a best and final offer from any Vendor whose representative(s) have been unable or unwilling to commit to decisions reached during the verbal negotiation process.

Collusion Prohibited

In connection with the bid, Vendor collusion with other Vendors or employees thereof, or with any employee of the University, is prohibited and may, at University's option, result in Vendor disqualification and/or cancellation of award. Any attempt by the Vendor to subvert or skirt the principles of open and fair competition may result in Vendor disqualification and/or cancellation of award.

Conflict of Interest

All Vendors of the University are subject to the provisions of §112, Fla. Stat. Vendors shall disclose the name of any officer, partner, director, proprietor or agent of Vendor who is, or whose spouse or child is, an employee of the University. Further, all Vendors shall disclose the name of any University employee who owns, or whose spouse or child owns, directly or indirectly, an interest of 5 percent (5%) or more in the Vendor’s firm or any of its branches. Vendors shall ensure that no material conflict of interest exists between or among the Vendor, the University and any other party to the business conducted with the University. The University reserves the right to determine the materiality of such conflict and to decide whether or not Vendor disqualification and/or cancellation shall result.

Corrections, Changes, and Providing Information on Forms within the Bid

Vendors shall ensure that an authorized individual initials each correction using pen and ink. Vendors shall use pen and ink in providing information directly on pages, or copies thereof, contained within the bid.

Bonding Requirements

The University may set bonding requirements for Solicitation Security, Payment & Performance, and/or Solicitation Protest in accordance with BOG Regulation 18.003.


Vendor shall comply with the Copeland "Anti-Kickback" Act (18 U.S.C. 874), as supplemented by Department of Labor regulations (29 CFR part 3). The Act provides that Vendor is prohibited from inducing, by any means, any person employed in the construction, completion or repair of public work, to give up any part of the compensation to which he is otherwise entitled.

Proposal Submission and Subsequent Opening

Proposals must be sealed and delivered to the University at the address set forth in the bid document on or before the specified date and time. The University shall not accept proposals received by facsimile or email. The University shall, at the specified opening date and time, open all proposals that are otherwise in order. The University will allow interested parties to attend such opening for purposes of identifying which Vendors have responded. The University will make no immediate decision at such time.

The University will hold unopened any proposals received after the opening date and time and will not consider such proposals. The University reserves the right to retain or dispose of such unopened proposals at its discretion; however, the University may return such proposals to their Vendors at such Vendor's request and at no cost or expense whatsoever to the University.

If only one proposal is received, Procurement Services may delay the opening in order to determine why other Vendors did not respond and/or to encourage other Vendors to respond.

Each proposal package submitted must clearly show the proposer's company name, proposal number and opening date and time on the outside of the package. Each proposer is fully responsible for ensuring that its proposal is timely received and shall assume the risk of non-delivery or untimely delivery caused by its chosen delivery method whether by US Mail, public carrier or otherwise.

More than one bid/proposal from an individual, firm, partnership, corporation or association under the same or different names will not be considered. Reasonable grounds for believing that a bidder is involved in more than one proposal for the same work will be cause for rejection of all proposals in which such offerers are believed to be involved.

Proposal Costs

The University is not liable in any manner or to any extent for any cost or expense incurred by any Vendor in the preparation, submission, presentation, or any other action connected with proposing or otherwise responding to the bid. Such exemption from liability applies whether such costs are incurred directly by the Vendor or indirectly through the Vendor's agents, employees, assigns or others, whether related or not, to the Vendor.

Sealed Paper Proposals Required; Faxes or Emails Not Accepted

The University shall NOT accept proposals received by fax or email or proposals NOT contained in sealed envelope(s) or other sealed packaging.

Withdrawal of Bid

Vendors may withdraw their proposals any time prior to the bid opening date. Vendors may request to withdraw their proposals after the bid opening date and time prior to selection and Notice of Intended Decision. The University shall have sole authority to grant or deny such a request. In the event the University grants such a request, it may withhold issuing future bids to such Vendors.

University's Right to Use Vendor's Ideas/Proprietary Information

If the Vendor needs to submit proprietary information with the proposal, the Vendor shall ensure that it is enclosed in a separate envelope from the proposal and that it is clearly designated and conspicuously labeled as such. Selection or rejection of the proposal shall not affect the University's right of use; provided, however, that the University will, in good faith and to the extent allowed by law, honor the confidentiality of any Vendor information that is clearly designated and conspicuously labeled as proprietary. Vendor information labeled proprietary shall be maintained as confidential subject to limitations in Florida and Federal law, including the Florida Public Records law and the order of any court of competent jurisdiction. Pricing information cannot be considered proprietary. The University shall not be liable in any manner, or in any amount, for disclosing proprietary information if such information is not clearly so designated and conspicuously so labeled. The University shall likewise not be liable if it did not know, or could not have reasonably known, that such information was proprietary.

Contractual Intent/Right to Suspend, Terminate and/or Recommence bid Process

The University intends to contract with one or more Vendors whose proposal(s) are considered to be in the best interests of the University. However, the University may suspend and/or terminate a bid process at any time up to Notice of Intended Decision, without prior notice, and without liability of any kind or amount. Further, the University reserves the right to commence one or more subsequent bid processes seeking the same or similar products or services covered hereunder.

Effective Period of Proposals

Under a bid, the University shall hold that Vendors' responses to a bid shall remain in effect for a period of 180 days following the opening date in order to allow time for evaluation, approval and award of the contract. Any Vendor who does not agree to this condition shall specifically communicate in its proposal such disagreement to the University along with any proposed alternatives. The University may accept or reject such proposed alternatives without further notification or explanation.

Errors and Omissions in Vendor's Proposals

The University may accept or reject any Vendor's proposal, in part or in its entirety, if such proposal contains errors, omissions or other problematic information. The University may decide upon the materiality of such errors, omissions or other problematic information.

Apparently Conflicting Information Obtained by Vendor

The University is under no obligation whatsoever to honor or observe any information that may conflict, or appear to conflict, with any provision herein, regardless of whether such information be obtained from any office, agent or employee of the University. Such information shall not affect the Vendor's risks or obligations under an agreement resulting from a bid.

Rejection of Vendor Counter-offers, Stipulations and Other Exceptions

Any Vendor exception, stipulation, counter-offer, requirement, and/or other alternative term or condition shall be considered rejected unless specifically accepted, in writing, by the University and thereafter incorporated into any contract resulting from a bid.

Determination of, and Information Concerning, Vendor's Qualifications

The University reserves the right to determine whether a Vendor has the ability, capacity and resources necessary to fully perform any contract resulting from a bid. The University may request from Vendors information it deems necessary to evaluate such Vendors' qualifications and capacities to deliver the products and/or services sought hereunder. The University may reject any Vendor's proposal for which such information has been requested but which the Vendor has not provided. Such information may include, but is not limited to:

  • Financial resources
  • Personnel resources
  • Physical resources
  • Internal financial, operating, quality assurance and other similar controls and policies
  • Resumes of key executives, officers and other personnel pertinent to the requirements of the bid
  • Customer / Client references
  • Disclosure of complaints or pending actions, legal or otherwise, against the Vendor.

Prohibition Against Considering Social, Political or Ideological Interests In State University Procurement -- F.S. 1010.04:  Vendors are hereby notified of the provisions of Section 1010.04, Florida Statutes, that the University is not permitted to request documentation of or consider a Vendor's social, political, or ideological interests when determining if the Vendor is a responsible VendorVendors are further notified that the University is not permitted to give preference to a Vendor based on the Vendor’s social, political, or ideological interests. 

Selection, Negotiation, Additional Information

Although the University reserves the right to negotiate with any Vendor(s) to arrive at its final decision and/or to request additional information or clarification on any matter included in the proposal, it also reserves the right to select the most responsive Vendor(s) without further discussion, negotiation or prior notice. The University may presume that any proposal is a best-and-final offer.

Pre-Award Presentations

The University reserves the right to require presentations from the highest ranked Vendor(s) in which they may be asked to provide information in addition to that provided in their proposals. Such presentations may include discussions relating to proprietary information, ability to perform and specific provisions of a Vendor's response. Presentations are not public meetings.

Pre-Award Negotiations

The University reserves the right to negotiate prior to award with the highest ranked Vendor(s) for the purpose of addressing the matters set forth in the following list, which may not be exclusive:

  • Resolving minor difference and typographical errors
  • Terms and conditions
  • Clarifying necessary details and responsibilities
  • Emphasizing important issues and points
  • Receiving assurances from Vendors
  • Obtaining the best pricing and/or revenue agreement

Notice of Intended Decision

A Notice of Intended Decision will be posted for review by interested parties on Procurement Service's website and will remain posted for a period of 72 hours. The University has no obligation to furnish this information by any other means than posting to this website.


Any vendor/interested person who is disputing the specifications or is adversely affected by a decision or intended decision concerning this competitive solicitation or contract award and who wants to protest such specifications, decision or intended decision shall file a protest in compliance with the University of North Florida regulations. Failure to file a protest or post the bond or other security in accordance with UNF Regulation 13.0010R shall constitute a waiver of protest proceedings.

Vendor's Need to Use Proprietary Rights of the University

All information proprietary to the University and disclosed by the University to any Vendor shall be held in confidence by the Vendor and shall be used only for purposes of the Vendor's performance under any contract resulting from this bid.

Open Meetings Requirement

Pursuant to §286.0113, Fla. Stat., evaluation committee meetings are not open to proposers or other members of the public when negotiation strategies are discussed, any portion of the meeting involves negotiation with a vendor, at which a vendor makes an oral presentation, or at which a vendor answers questions.

A complete recording (i.e. audio recording or transcript) is made of these closed meetings. These recordings are exempt from disclosure under the public records law (see Section 4.33) until Procurement Services posts Notice of Intended Decision or until 30 days after final sealed replies are all opened, whichever occurs first. If all sealed replies are rejected, the recordings remain exempt until Procurement Services posts a notice of a decision concerning the reissued bid or until Procurement Services withdraws the reissued bid. The exemption period cannot exceed 12 months after the initial Procurement Services notice rejecting all replies.

Preference for Florida Based Vendors for Purchases of Personal Property

Pursuant to §287.084, Fla. Stat., a preference shall be provided to vendors with a principal place of business in Florida. If the highest ranked responsible and responsive reply is from a vendor whose principal place of business is outside of Florida and is in a state or political subdivision thereof that grants a preference for the same purchase to a vendor in such state or political subdivision, as applicable, then the University shall grant the same preference to the Florida based vendor with the highest ranked responsible and responsive reply received pursuant to this Invitation to Negotiate.

For vendors whose principal place of business is outside of Florida, such vendors must, at the time of submitting its reply, provide a written opinion from a licensed attorney in its state specifying (a) the preference(s) granted by the state or political subdivision and (b) how the preference(s) is/are calculated. An Attestation of Principal Place of Business, must be completed and returned with your bid response.