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Procurement Services

Frequently Asked Questions - Supplier

  • Can I submit pricing or a proposal in-person like I have in the past?
    Responses will only be accepted electronically through the UNF Bid Portal. Responses delivered in-person, by mail, or by email will be deemed non-responsive.
  • Do I have to be registered as a supplier to submit a response to a solicitation?
    Suppliers do not have to be fully approved or registered as a UNF Supplier to submit a response to a solicitation. However, Suppliers must submit a Supplier Quick Application to obtain a login and password prior to submitting a response. Once the Quick Application is completed you will receive an email from with an invitation to the UNF Supplier Portal.  You can then click on the link provided to create a username with your email address and a password. If you have an existing account with UNF, you would simply log in to view and respond to the solicitation.
  • Are suppliers allowed to upload more than one document per question?
    The system will only take one File Upload per question in the Questions section. If more than one file is needed to answer the question, it is recommended that you combine files into one document. Supplemental files may also be uploaded in the Supplier Attachments section.
  • Can I attend a bid opening? If so, how?
    The meeting information for bid openings is available on the UNF Bid Portal . The public is welcome to attend any upcoming bid opening. Bid openings will be held on the Tuesday listed as the Close Date at 2:00 PM EST. To attend online, the individual will need to supply their name and email address via the Registration link. For voice call, dial (301) 715-8592 and enter Meeting ID 910 6409 9803. No PIN will be required to attend.
  • When are service or entertainment agreement used?
    Service agreements are used when hiring an independent contractor to perform a contractual service for the University. Contractual service is defined as the rendering by a contractor of its time and effort rather than the furnishing of specific commodities. The term applies only to those services rendered by individuals and firms who are independent contractors. Contractual service does not include the furnishing of labor or materials or selection of professional services for the construction, renovation, repair, modification, or demolition of facilities or real property. The entertainment agreement should be used when hiring an independent contractor for entertainment purposes.