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Information Technology Services

Web: Personal Pages

NOTE: This service will be deprecated December 18, 2023


UNF provides hosting space on the domain for the publication of personal Web pages by active faculty, staff, and students. Users are responsible for the development and maintenance of personal Web pages, as well as acquiring the necessary software to do so.

  • Web address is based on the user's alias / N number: or

  • HTML delivery
  • Requires SFTP (Port 22) connections for upload.
  • Requires SSH / SFTP applications for Secure file transfer.
    ITS recommends using BitVise client. View required authentication settings.
  • Requires two-factor authentication with DUO (as of December 2021)
  • Does not support databases or Wordpress

Available for

Currently active faculty, staff, and students

Customer Responsibility

How to Request Access

  • Access is automatically provided for active user accounts (N numbers).

How to Use

Acquire SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) App

SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) is used to transfer files from your desktop to the server. Non-secure FTP connections will not work with UNF's server. In other words, you must use SFTP (Port 22) not FTP. View recommended software for secure transfer.

The Osprey Server now supports DUO two-factor authentication. The requirement for Duo 2FA adds an additional prompt to the SSH login process and will require an additional settings change with some graphical SSH clients. ITS recommends the the free Bitvise SSH client. View the Osprey Server update for more information.

Connecting to the Server

Information you will need to setup access:

  1. Hostname is
  2. Username is your UNF ID / N number (note: "n" must be lowercase, for example "n00001234")
  3. Password is your UNF ID password (the same used to access all other UNF accounts, such as myWings).
  4. Port should be set to 22.

Configuring via SSH Settings:
Host Name:
User Name: Your N number
Port Number: 22


The full path to your Osprey home page will be /home/##/~n00001234 ...where ## are the last two digits of your N Number and n00001234 is your N Number.

Creating the Homepage Folder & Index Page

Once logged in, all your Web page files should be located within a directory called "homepage". If the folder does not exist, you will need to create it. Both the "homepage" folder and the "index.html" (homepage file) must be lowercase.

Viewing your Site

After transferring files to the server, the site can be accessed at, which works with both your user alias and your N number. For example: or