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A female professor following work of students at the informatics lectureFor those working in higher education there is often a higher calling to help students. Each task, however small, promotes student success. Facilitating degree progression is more than a metric, it is everyone’s efforts to improve UNF and support each student. As Ospreys, we can embrace tradition and still transform our digital infrastructure.   

Campus leadership began the journey to OspreyRising, powered by Workday with a comprehensive review of the existing systems at UNF. Human Resources and Finance processes rely on many bolt-on services that challenge efficiency and lead to processing delays. OspreyRising is a unified system that consolidates Human Resources and Finance functions to make every day processes easier. Simplified processes mean more time to focus on our larger goal – the students.  

Recently, UNF hosted listening sessions for Human Resources and Finance campus constituents with direct feedback on both Human Resources and Finance. The OspreyRising leadership team is dedicated to addressing staff and faculty needs and is excited to implement OspreyRising as part of UNF’s larger digital transformation.  

Digital transformation will allow UNF to remain agile and respond to the constant changes in higher education. The OspreyRising implementation is our foundation allowing UNF to build in the best possible way, creating a thriving and proactive university. 


Human Capital Management

HR Processes at UNF and how they have changed in Workday.


Workday hosts all grant information.


Workday will impact various financial procedures at UNF.


Transitioning system functions into Workday.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting/Access Data in Workday for users.

Benefits of Workday at UNF

  • Unified applications - integrated user experience across financials, HR, data analytics and more.
  • Lower total costs - a cloud based solution means there are no required "bolt-ons" to install and maintain.
  • Continuous innovation - automated upgrades replace cumbersome and manual installations
  • Strategic direction - empowering users with actionable and reliable data