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Workday FAQs


The Workday Steering team is here for your questions and this FAQ is just one way to stay up-to-date.

Check back for updates and additions as we work together. 

  • What is the difference between Workday and OspreyRising?

    Workday is a provider of cloud-based software focused on Human Resources and Finance processing. Essentially, Workday is the tool that users will access to complete all HR and Finance tasks.

    OspreyRising is the name of UNF’s project to digitally transform the university. Digital transformation refers to efforts to incorporate digital technology into all areas of the University. More importantly, it requires Ospreys to challenge the status quo and identify new ways of doing business. OspreyRising represents a bigger initiative to build a better UNF powered by Workday.

  • What is a Business Process Analysis or BPA?
    A BPA is a detailed review of current business practices. The analysis focuses on what is working well and where a practice can improve. UNF's BPA will start with "day in the life" discussions with staff including technical and functional tasks.
  • What is the go live date for Workday?
    The go-live date for Workday HCM, Finance and Payroll is July 1, 2024.
  • When will I see how I will use OspreyRising?
    UNF will begin to configure OspreyRising powered by Workday after the BPA. Staff will begin testing as processes are created but individuals may not see changes immediately. Training and demonstrations will occur throughout the project to help familiarize all users.
  • Will we implement Workday Student at the same time?
    Workday for HCM (human resources), finance and payroll functions is set to go live July 1, 2024.

    The Workday Student implementation project will commence thereafter. We anticipate the Workday Student implementation to begin in early 2025. UNF is being mindful of and planning for the Workday Student functionality throughout the current Workday configuration.
  • How will I know if policies and procedures change?
    The Steering Committee is responsible for all elements of the implementation, including policy updates. Policy and procedural updates will be communicated on the Workday webpage and in regular project updates.
  • What systems will transition into OspreyRising?
    At this time, UNF anticipates incorporating most third party systems into OspreyRising. These systems can bog down processing and shifting them into OspreyRising will improve efficiency. Stay tuned for concrete answers on the systems that will be incorporated.
  • Will this change impact students?
    Workday will first transition Human Resources (HR) and Finance processes so student workers, including Graduate Assistants, will be included. A transition to Workday Student is pending and will follow Workday HR and Finance.
  • Is my information secure on Workday?
    Yes. Workday is protected by a secure socket connection, the same protection used for online financial transactions. Your information is safe whether accessed within UNF or on another web connection.
  • How well will Workday be tested before going live?
    The methodology used to build the Workday system consists of phases where the
    Project Team works with consultants to design the system to meet UNF needs. Then
    we test hundreds of scenarios to make sure it works as we need it to. The last test to
    complete will be to run a payroll in Workday and cross referenced all the numbers to a 
    payroll in our current system to make sure the numbers match indicating Workday is
    calculating payroll and compensation to our standards.
  • How will we learn Workday?
    Workday is user friendly. Much of Workday's functionality is intuitive. We will, however, provide multiple training options. User training is a priority for OspreyRising.
    Training will be offered to all UNF employees prior to and once live in Workday.
    Conversations are underway to ensure an effective user training program. Multiple
    sources of training are being evaluated including in person hands on training, virtual
    training, job aids and user guides and the availability of a Workday training
    environment prior to go live.