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College of Arts and Sciences
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Hope McMath Leadership in the Arts Scholarship


The purpose of the award is to provide scholarship funding for University of North Florida students.

Selection Criteria

  1. Students eligible for the scholarship awards must: 
    1. meet admissions requirements and be accepted to the University of North Florida,
    2. earn a minimum UNF GPA of at least 3.0, 
    3. major in art, fine arts, or art history, and
    4. have completed at least one Art & Design course focused on museum studies.
  2. Students selected for this scholarship award must also agree to: 
    1. enroll in at least 9 hours each semester and earn a minimum of 18 credits by the end of each academic year,
    2. maintain a GPA of at least 3.0,
    3. comply with all University regulations, rules, codes of conduct governing students on campus,
    4. consent to release grades to the Division of Institutional Advancement for the purpose of reporting to the Donor, and
    5. remain in good standing as a student.