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College of Arts and Sciences

Falloon Study Abroad Scholarship


The purpose of the gift is to provide study abroad scholarship funding for University of North Florida students.

Selection Criteria

  1. Students eligible for such scholarships must:
    • Meet admissions requirements and be accepted to the University of North Florida
    • Reside in Florida for tuition purposes
    • Earn a minimum UNF GPA of at least 2.5
    • Be a declared major or intended major within the College of Arts and Sciences, and
    • Have a UNF-approved study abroad program in a non-English speaking country to be completed before their final semester.
  2. Students awarded this scholarship must also agree to:
    • Comply with all University regulations, rules and codes of conduct governing student on campus
    • Consent to release grades to the Division of Institutional Advancement for the purpose of reporting to the Donor, and
    • Remain in good standing as a student.
  3. Required Application Attachments:

    Please explain what you expect to learn from your study abroad--in particular:

    1. What challenges you anticipate in the course of your travel specific to studying in a non-English speaking country
    2. How your study abroad program will immerse you in the culture of your host country, and
    3. What will be the outcome of this immersion experience.
  4. Renewal

    No student will be eligible to receive more than one study abroad scholarship award. The amount of the award will be determined by the fund manager, but it cannot exceed the maximum cost of tuition, books, campus housing,meal plan, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses, as reflected in the annual "Cost of Education" budget prepared by the Financial Aid Office.