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UNF Brand Guide


Photography is essential when communicating the UNF brand. An entire story can be told through photographs when the right images are used. When choosing photography to communicate your message, images should highlight the unique spirit of UNF. Photos should evoke emotion. Use engaging images that are active and captivating. Real photos depicting the actual experiences of our UNF community are always best. While occassionally necessary, stock photography should be avoided as a general rule.

Photography Tips

Male and female wearing safety glasses and looking at a computer

Capture Real Ospreys

Photograph our own unique experiences by capturing UNF students, faculty and staff. Avoid using stock photography unless it is absolutely necessary.

Male professor with a female student who's in a white lab coat looking at a paper report

Organic, Spontaneous Photography

People know what is real and relate to spontaneous images. Seek to capture natural moments and avoid photos that seem posed and artificial.

Female using a table saw in a workshop

Single Subject Focus

When photographing a group or activity, try to focus on an individual working or one who is taking a dominant role in a project or situation. 

A female student working on a metal sculpture with a wrench outdoors

Clutter Free

When taking photographs, if an area is messy, focus in on your subject or project. Avoid using complex or cluttered photographs.

Students working in a lab

Attention to Details

Incorporate UNF branding and blue and gray in clothing whenever possible. Be aware of everything in a photo. Avoid distracting graphics or photographing branded items and clothing with logos of other universities or corporations.

A male wearing a virtual reality headset and pointing into the air with a laptop showing what he's seeing

Stay Current

Update your photos regularly on websites, social media and print materials. Keep images relevant. Using stale, dated photography does not support UNF’s unique, innovative and energetic environment.

Photography Requests and Releases

In addition to a staff photographer employed through Marketing and Communications, there are also additional photographers who have photography service agreements with UNF. Check the Procurement website for more information about photography vendors.

UNF strongly recommends that departments obtain written approval from people in photographs before using their image in web or printed publications. A photography release form should be signed by each person that is recognizable in the photo. Departments are responsible for keeping their forms on file. They are also responsible for any liability resulting from noncompliance.