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UNF Brand Guide

Color Palette

UNF’s official color palette strongly and boldly represents the University of North Florida. Our Osprey Blue is used on everything we create and is an immediately recognizable brand element.  We use our Osprey Blue to show our Osprey Pride and connect with others on and off campus. UNF’s official school colors are blue and gray. These colors are used to represent the University of North Florida on promotional items, apparel, printed materials, the website, social media, in digital marketing and everywhere that UNF has a presence.

While Osprey Blue should always be the majority color used in a design, minimal use of secondary colors is allowed to provide some variety when needed. Accent colors are intented for small pops of color in design and should rarely be used.

NOTE: The different values associated with each brand color are dependent on the intended use.
PMS: This value is based on the Pantone Matching System and should only be used when a spot color is needed (limited use).
CMYK: For nearly all print work, use CMYK values for the most accurate brand color reproduction.
HEX: Hex values should be used when reproducing brand colors in a digital environment.

Primary Colors

Secondary Colors

UNF offers a secondary color palette with colors that complement the primary colors in order to provide some flexibility in creativity. However, these colors are meant to be used in small amounts.

Note: UNF Aqua Blue (cyan) text is not to be used on white backgrounds in digital designs (web or social media) as it is not ADA compliant.

Accent Colors

Recognizing that there may be a need for small pops of additional colors in design, an accent color palette was created. These colors are not recognizable identifiers of the University of North Florida and, therefore, should be used rarely and in moderation only. They should never be used in place of a primary color or as a background. If there is a special need to utilize a color other than the primary or secondary brand colors for apparel or merchandise, please contact directly to request a special exception.