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Student Government

Student Government Brand Guide

On 1.30.2024, under the Grosso-Sullivan administration, leadership from the Executive and Legislative Branches established their Student Government Brand and Identity Clauses. This established and encompassed many aspects of how Student Government enables and communicates a consistent recognizable brand identity for the Student Body to view.
All media requests can be directed towards the Social Media & Communications coordinator at
For rules on applying the UNF brand, visit

Student Government Seal and Logo

The UNF Student Government Official Seal and Logo is the primary identifier of the UNF Student Government brand and perhaps the most important element of our visual identity.

There is one UNF Student Government Official Seal and a simplified Logo.  


Student Government Seal

Seal of UNF Student Government

The Seal of Student Government is designated as the official logo for UNF Student Government. The Student Government Seal is utilized for SG funded recognition plaques, documentation, awards, or publications deemed necessary.

When used as an official architectural element of the University, it shall be fabricated from materials in one of the primary colors unless otherwise stated by the University of North Florida.

Student Government Simplified Logo 

Official Simplified Logo of UNF Student Government

The Student Government simplified logo is made available for all UNF Student Government Branches, Executive Agencies, and the Office of Elections to utilize for publications when needed.

Branch Seals

The Official Seals of the branches of the University of North Florida Student Government. 

Seal of the Student Body PresidentSeal of the UNF Student Government Student Body President

Seal of the Student Senate Seal of the Student Senate of Student Government


Seal of the Judiciary  

Seal of the Judicial Branch of Student Government

Seal of the Office of ElectionsOfficial Seal of the Office of Elections