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Student Government

Homecoming Court Presented by Student Government

The 2025 Homecoming Court presented by Student Government will be announced next academic year.

Homecoming Court Establishment and Purpose:


The Homecoming Court was re-established as a University of North Florida Student Government initiative by the Grosso-Sullivan administration in 2023.


The purpose of the Homecoming Court is to select and present representatives of the UNF student body who have positively contributed to the UNF community through leadership, service and Osprey pride. The elected Court members will serve as ambassadors for other UNF students by promoting Osprey Pride throughout the Homecoming Week events. The Homecoming Queen and King are determined by a student body vote.

  • Campaigning Code of Ethics
    1. There shall be a Campaign Code of Ethics that all students involved with the Homecoming Court process must agree to uphold.
    2. The Campaign Code of Ethics shall exist as an accord established between all individuals participating in the Homecoming Court Process, Student Government, and furthermore, the Student Body. 
    3. The official Campaign Code of Ethics shall include, but are not limited to, the following provisions:
      • The Student Body President and Student Body Vice President may not submit their candidacy for the Homecoming Court due to a conflict of interest.
      • No person shall misrepresent any material fact(s) through any campaign material(s) or action(s).
      • No person shall misrepresent any campaign material(s) or action(s) as being the property or undertaking of any other candidate.
      • No person shall condone or authorize the destruction or theft of any candidate’s or political party organization’s campaign material(s).
      • No person shall commit written, printed, or verbal
      • No person shall violate any University Policies and Regulations that are in place during the course of the election.
      • No person shall discriminate as defined in Title X 1002.1, “Discrimination shall be defined as the differential treatment of a student or student group solely on the basis of their gender identity or expression, race, ethnicity, creed, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, parental status, disability, and any combination thereof, or what is outlined in the University Non- Discrimination, Equal Opportunity, and Diversity Statement.”
    4. Candidates are responsible for the actions of other individuals and/or organizations acting on their behalf at the direction of the candidate or political party organizations beyond a reasonable doubt.

Spring Homecoming FAQs

Q: Who is able to run for Homecoming Court? 

A: Must be a UNF A&S fee paying student who is a sophomore, junior, senior, or graduate student. 

Q: How many people are part of the Homecoming Court?

A: The UNF Homecoming Court will consist of 16 student representatives as follows:

  • Two sophomores, one pairing (30-59 credit hours).
  • Four juniors, two pairing (60-89 credit hours).
  • Eight seniors, four pairing (90 credit hours or more).
  • Two Graduate School Students, one pairing. 

Q: How does campaign funding work? 

A: Only students campaigning for Homecoming King and Queen are allowed to spend money on campaigning materials. 

  1. Costs of campaigning are the responsibility of the candidates. Student Government does not provide any funding to candidates. 
  2. Campaigning materials cannot exceed $500 of the candidate's own money.
  3. Please note internet advertisements must be included in the overall $500 campaign budget.
    • All expenditures must be turned in to Student Government by 11:59 PM on the last day of voting.
    • Student Government shall provide candidates with the appropriate email address to submit expenditures at the mandatory candidacy meeting.
  4. For donated campaigning materials, candidates must include estimated prices in their submission.

Q: Where can I campaign? 

A: Any stationary physical/temporary campaign material on campus must be approved by the respective department/college you are advertising in.

  • (i.e., Hanging flyers on RA boards, banners in the Student Union, etc.)
  • Candidates may not tear down other candidates' campaign materials (flyers, posters, banners, etc.). If candidates are proven to be doing so, they will immediately go through disqualification processes.
  • Advertising materials must be removed by 10:00 PM on the last day of voting. 

Q: How is the ballot setup? 

A: Voting will be distinguished and separated by class (credit hours, see above).

  • The ballot will consist of each Candidate’s headshot and bio. 

Q: How do I vote?

A: Voting will take place both in person and online. A voting poll will be set up in the Student Union.

Q: Who can work at a voting poll? 

A: Poll workers will consist of unbiased members of Student Government.

  • If a Student Government poll worker is found campaigning for a candidate, they will be removed from the polling station.

Q: When will the voting results be released? 

A: Election results shall be released by UNF Student Government at the designated location listed on the posted timeline.

Q: How are the winners determined? 

A: Candidates with the most votes based on the number of representatives from each class will fill the role(s) on the homecoming court. 

  • UNF Queen and King will consist of the Queen and King candidates with the most votes from the Senior class.

Q: What happens if there is a tie in voting? 

A: In the event of a tie the student with the higher GPA will win. 

  • If the tied candidates have the same GPA, then it will be awarded on who has the highest number of credit hours.
  • If both candidates have the same GPA and Credit Hours, then whoever turns in their application first will be classified as the winner.