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Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
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International Travel Screening

Export controls may place restrictions on international travel, for instance, travel by UNF members to a comprehensive sanctioned or embargoed country. The University uses the Concur Travel System, accessed through the MyWings Portal, to screen travel for export control compliance.  Export control screening is engaged for all 

  • “International Travel”, except study abroad programs, as the Education Exclusion applies, 
  • travel designated as “Research”, or
  • travel to attend a “Closed Conference/Workshop/Seminar”, defined as invited or engaged by invitation only based on attendee’s research area and expertise.

Each travel request must detail the purpose of the trip, the nature of the activity to be engaged while traveling, and the benefit to the University.  The request must also document whether the traveler intends to take a computer or other electronic device. 

If the request does not contain sufficient information to assess for export control compliance, the request is returned to the traveler to provide the needed information and/or clarification.  This may include information on any items (including UNF laptops, mobile devices, PDA, flash drive etc.) that the traveler plans to bring on their person for the international travel. Certain exceptions may exist for the traveler to take these items with controlled information internationally, but this can only be confirmed upon screening through the Concur Travel System.  

In no case may a traveler take ITAR-controlled information or technology, whether in tangible form or electronically, out of the United States without a U.S. government license or other authorization. 

In no case, shall approval for international travel be granted unless the Export Control Officer has confirmed that all export control issues have been addressed.