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Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
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Project Closeout

Once your research has been completed, it's time to ensure that any obligations to the sponsor have been satisfied and all project funds are closed in a timely manner. Most sponsored projects will have closeout requirements regardless of the funding source.

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2CFR200 details the University's requirements for the complete and timely submission of financial reports and other documents necessary to closeout federal grants and contracts. A failure to adhere to project requirements can result in the sponsor withholding funding from the entire University. Sponsors usually detail closeout requirements in the award document and typically include final technical and financial reports regardless of the funding source.

A close-out meeting is offered to the PI at least 30 days before each grant award ends. The close-out meeting provides the ORSP the opportunity to review the available balance on a project, project expenditures for the remaining grant period, review pending expenditures for the project, and review agency guidelines for completion of the award.

The ORSP staff will review the funding agencies' requirements related to final report submission and record maintenance; the auditing agencies' requirements for availability of documentation; and the State of Florida's requirements for record retention, personnel terminations, and equipment disposition.

It is the PI's responsibility to prepare the final program reports and to assure all paperwork necessary to close out the project including termination of personnel and cancellation of work orders and other expenditure mechanisms associated with the grant or contract have been submitted. It is the GAFM Coordinator's responsibility to prepare and submit the final accounting and fiscal reports, to determine when the actual grant or contract project account should be closed, and to make decisions and take action necessary to return or distribute all residual funds associated with the project.

Final Technical Report

The PI is responsible for the timely submission of any required deliverables and the final technical or progress report. A copy of the final report and/or cover letter or e-mail confirming the final technical report should be sent to the GAFM Coordinator in the ORSP for the project file. Failure to submit deliverables and/or final technical reports can result in nonpayment by the sponsor and could affect future funding to the University.

Final Financial Report

The GAFM Coordinator prepares the final financial reports for projects, often in consultation with the PI. The PI must ensure that all expenses have posted to the project in order to prepare financial reports within the specified time period. Final financial reports are typically due 60 to 90 days after the period of performance, but can be as early as 30 days after the end date. To allow for compliance with financial reporting deadlines, it is crucial that any final expenses are charged to the project in a timely manner.


At the close of the project, most sponsors require the University to disclose any inventions made pursuant to the project work. For more information on this process, please visit the Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer (IPATT) section of the website.