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Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
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UNF Spin-Off Companies

One of the goals of R&D activities at the University of North Florida is to cultivate the creation of new companies that move the university's ideas to the marketplace. The following are some of the spin-off companies that are currently working with UNF technologies:

Bergenbrook logoBergenbrook Inc. specializes in embedded technologies, restorative therapies, and consumer solutions. We strive to be a leader in delivering comprehensive value-added products that address unmet market needs. Our cross-disciplinary team yields innovative products which span a non-traditional solution space.

MesoGlue logoMesoGlue engineers, produces, and implements high-performance materials for bonding, sealing, and thermal management. MesoGlue is proud to have pioneered the first full-metal, true hermetic, room-temperature bonding material.

seas's the future logoThe mission of Sea's the Future is to produce cost-effective, continuous, green energy. The company's innovative, patent-pending solutions harness ocean energy with zero-carbon emissions and no harm to the environment, while improving coastal resilience.