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Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
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Technology Transfer for UNF Researchers

Technology transfer is the process through which knowledge developed through the research and creative endeavors of faculty, staff, and students is disseminated for application and commercialization in the community at large. From this perspective, technology transfer is an aspect of community engagement, a value to which UNF is firmly committed.

The commercialization of intellectual property (IP) frequently demands a commitment of significant financial investments and the assumption of risks beyond what may be appropriate for the institution. Successful transfer of technology from the university therefore almost always requires partnership with the private sector. UNF's IP is normally transferred to the private sector under licensing agreements that enable companies to develop new or improved products and services for the enhancement of the quality of life in our communities. In other cases, industry partner with UNF researchers to identify solutions to challenges that may lead to novel IP. The links below provide more information for faculty, staff, students: