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Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
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Project Setup

Congratulations on your new award! The Contract Administration (CA) unit within the ORSP will receive notification from a sponsor when a proposal has been approved for funding.

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Assignment of Index

Once official notification of the project award has been received, the award documents route internally through the ORSP. The GAFM area will assign a Banner index number to the project and this marks the beginning of the grants management process. The designated GAFM Coordinator will email notification of the new index to the Principal Investigator (PI). This notification advises of your budget authority and requests you to provide the individual(s) who should have access to create and/or approve requisitions and invoices in Banner so an approval queue can be created. After the approval queue has been established, you can begin using your index number for purchases and processing payroll.

Orientation Meeting

An orientation meeting will be offered for each award received by the PI. The purpose of the orientation meeting is to provide a mutual understanding for the successful completion of the project; to review specific guidelines, deadlines and restrictions on each award; to review University, agency and federal procedures; to inform the PI of the services offered within the ORSP; and to meet the assigned GAFM Coordinator who will be working with the PI on the award.

Preliminary Index Requests

A preliminary index can be established when the University has received notification that a grant or contract award will be made, but an official award document has not been received. This preliminary index authorizes up to ninety (90) days of expenditures prior to the effective date of the award if pre-award costs are allowed by the sponsoring agency. Exceptions to the 90 day rule requires approval of the Associate Vice President for Research (AVPR). Preliminary indexes may be appropriate for recurring annual awards or for continuation funding, particularly those from local and state agencies.

To request a preliminary index:

  1. Complete the (Preliminary Account Request Form Cost Reimbursable, or Fixed Price award, obtain all required signatures, and email it to your Research Development (RD) Coordinator in the ORSP. Once approved, the form will be forwarded to the GAFM area for the creation of the preliminary index number.
  2. Ensure the RD team has a complete copy of the proposal that was submitted to the sponsor and all approvals have been obtained, including the deans and department heads for all participating investigators.
  3. Attach a copy of the sponsor's letter of intent to fund the project or similar correspondence that includes the approximate start date and estimated award amount.

Once an official award is received, the preliminary index is amended to an official index number for the total award.

Please note that for research involving animals or human subjects, only administrative expenditures are allowed on a preliminary index. In order to incur expenses related to animal or human subjects, an approved protocol must be in place.